2020 Women of Distinction Nominees | Outstanding Workplace

Recognized nationally, the YWCA Women of Distinction Awards honours individuals and organizations whose outstanding activities and achievements contribute to the well-being and future of our community.

Congratulations to the 2020 nominees in the category of Outstanding Workplace


BCAA’s culture, best practices and “People First” approach is designed to support all employees. The organization’s partnership with Rick Hansen Foundation (RHF) increases accessibility awareness and creates a barrier-free workplace and its head office is one of only 20 locations in Canada that is RHF Accessibility Certified Gold. In 2019, BCAA launched a Diversity & Inclusion program and works to provide work-life flexibility and talent development initiatives. Of the current workforce, 58% are women and 53% of leadership roles are held by women. BCAA gives back through a partnership with the United Way and protects future generations with Car Seat Safety, School Safety Patrol and Play Here programs. BCAA recently refreshed the employee value proposition to align with a social purpose and corporate brand strategy to “Shape a Brighter Future with BCAA.”


Deloitte is proud of the unique offerings available to its employees, enabling people to achieve a work-life balance that truly works for them. A flexible working culture offers options for flexible working hours, working remotely and other personal arrangements, and employees receive a $1,300 annual subsidy to support their wellness. Deloitte provides three paid wellness days over and above vacations and an “ALL IN” strategy aims to enhance inclusivity with a focus on attracting, advancing and retaining women. The company recently launched the Personal Development Goal Setting Tool to use with a career coach so employees can talk about what matters most to them and plan their paths forward. Employees are also highly encouraged to participate in an annual Impact Day to give back to the local BC community.


Sage Software Canada Ltd has numerous innovative programs to help employees succeed, including employee development, ongoing employee surveys, training, a Diversity and Inclusion strategy and annual awards, remote work opportunities, internal recognition programs and mentorship opportunities. The Women@Sage Mentorship Program pairs female employees with experienced mentors within the company and the FitBucks Program rewards employees for the healthy choices they make. Sage offers a tuition reimbursement program, coordinates onsite training sessions with third-party providers and permanent employees get access to LinkedIn Learning. The Sage Foundation was started to focus on building social, economic and entrepreneurial opportunities in local communities and is an integral part of the company culture. With a passion for helping others, Sage employees continuously volunteer and fundraise.


TELUS is a world-leading communications and information technology company guided by the belief that diversity creates a whole much stronger than the sum of its parts. In 2018, TELUS’ engagement score rose to 85%, placing TELUS within the top 10% of all employers globally. To move toward parity and inclusion, TELUS conducts both an Employment Equity survey and a Gender Pay audit to proactively acknowledge and close existing pay gaps. The company provides flexible work options that promote work-life balance and team members work with leaders to build customized career development plans and discuss their progress against the plan throughout the year. TELUS invests in physical, psychological, financial, social and environmental well-being and since 2000, TELUS team members and retirees have contributed $1.2 billion to create stronger, healthier communities.


Unbounce creates better marketing for the world with a people-first approach. This approach enabled Unbounce to achieve gender parity, in an industry where the average female participation is 18%. They champion initiatives focused on gender diversity, like Shine Bootcamp, BC Tech's Women in Tech series and through an upcoming campaign they are launching focused on equal pay. Unbounce dedicates 10% of company time to training and development for all employees to build job and leadership skills. They provide a flexible work culture, trusting employees to work within the schedule and location that makes sense for their lives and recently launched a wellness program that prioritizes employees' mental and physical health. Unbounce dedicates 4% of its profits to its social impact program, focused on Diversity and Inclusion initiatives. 

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