• International Women's Day

International Women's Day

Celebrate International Women’s Day every March 8

International Women’s Day gives us a powerful way to celebrate women’s achievements and to advocate for greater action and investment to create an equal society.

As a non-profit organization dedicated to achieving women’s equality, we work year-round to create opportunities that foster economic independence, wellness and equal opportunities for women and their families.

How the YWCA Metro Vancouver is supporting young women: 

Youth Education Programs
Our Youth Education Programs for Grade 7 youth Surrey and Vancouver equips girls with the knowledge and skills to engage in positive decision-making. Through activities, group discussions, skits, art and a physical activity each week, students explore a range of topics, including physically and mentally healthy lifestyles, social emotional learning, handling stress and anxiety, and peer and family relationships.

The Culture Shift Project
The Culture Shift Project is a three-year project which will address the sexualization of young girls and hypermasculinization of young boys through a multi-sectoral approach. The multipronged project addresses these issues by involving community leaders and decision-makers in business, education, health and youth communities. Collaboration amongst these sectors will aim to create a systemic shift – one of increased equality for women.

Strong Girls, Strong World
Strong Girls, Strong World is a national project supported by Status of Women Canada which will empower young women to become agents of change in their local communities. This project engages both young girls and boys to develop their leadership skills and become ambassadors for gender equality. It empowers youth to advocate for social change and speak out against sexism and sexualization, with a focus on using media as a tool to educate the public and their peers. 

In 2015, the YWCA:

  • Provided 475 low-income single mothers with a home in one of seven YWCA housing communities
  • Served 26,160 hot plates of food to women and children in the Downtown Eastside through YWCA Crabtree Corner
  • 541 single mothers and children made progress towards economic independence through YWCA Single Mothers' Support Services
  • Matched 114 high school girls with professional women through the YWCA high school mentorship program