• The Mask You Live In

The Mask You Live In International Women’s Day screening and panel discussion

International Women’s Day gives us a powerful way to celebrate women’s achievements and to advocate for greater action and investment to create an equal society.

At the YWCA our vision of an equal society is one in which both women and men thrive. But we’re in the midst of a “boy’s crisis” according to the new documentary, The Mask You Live In, the latest film by the creators of the Miss Representation Project

Compared to girls, research shows that boys in the U.S. are more likely to be:

  • Diagnosed with a behavior disorder
  • Prescribed stimulant medications
  • Fail out of school
  • Binge drink
  • Commit a violent crime
  • Commit suicide

The Mask You Live In asks: As a society, how are we failing our boys? 

According to writer, producer and director, Jennifer Siebel Newson, the film examines:

“How gender stereotypes are interconnected with race, class and circumstance, and how kids are further influenced by the education system, sports culture and mass media - video games and pornography in particular.”

The film also highlights the social and emotional needs of boys—demonstrating how healthy family relationships, alternative teaching strategies and positive role modeling by coaches and mentors can positively impact boys’ lives and transform their understanding of masculinity.


Why is This Issue Important?

The path to achieving equality means supporting men and boys to become respectful, caring and active members of society.  

And while boys don’t suffer in the same ways as girls and women from sexualization and media exposure, the narrow restrictions we place on them when it comes to masculinity are harming us all—men and women alike. In the long run, this kind of masculinity can lead to the societal tolerance of violence against women and girls.

That’s why, this International Women’s Day, we want to spark a conversation around masculinity and examine how we can create a more balanced, equitable society for all of us.


Event details:

Join YWCA Metro Vancouver with The Cinematheque Education Department for a special International Women's Day screening of The Mask You Live In, followed by a panel discussion moderated by YWCA CEO Janet Austin.

  • Date: Tuesday, March 3, 2015
  • Place: The Cinematheque, 1131 Howe Street, Vancouver
  • Doors: 6:00pm
  • Film: 6:30pm
  • Panel discussion: 8:00pm
  • Cost: free / by donation


Please RSVP online or contact Chantelle Krish at ckrish@ywcavan.org for more information. RSVP seats can only be held up until 15 minutes before show time, and at that point will be released to other guests.


This sounds like a fantastic and meaningful film! :)

I'm hoping that this male-oriented film is not how we're celebrating women and women's experiences on International Women's Day.

Hi Skye,

We did screen this film as part of International Women's Day in recognition that in order to fully support and move towards women's equality, we must look at constructions of masculinity and engage boys and men in our efforts. We are, however, dedicating this International Women's Day to the call for a Universal Early Learning and Child Care system -- one that is affordable and accessible for all British Columbians -- because it is so key in supporting women to achieve economic independence.

Way to go. Focusing on how hegemonic masculinity affects MEN. On international WOMEN'S day.

Certainly if hegemonic masculinity didn't exist it would be better for women, too, but this is yet another example of women's issues being pushed to the side to focus on men's issues. Happens all the time.

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