Fran Hinton began her journey in yoga in 1965 and has trained in various styles over the past 50 years.

Because of her own ongoing back issues, Fran began practicing the Pilates method in 1997 and continues to teach and study under master teachers in both yoga and Pilates. Fran’s current passions are yoga and Pilates (mat and apparatus). She loves to teach and believes that no matter what you do in life, it should always be from a compassionate and joyful heart.

Areas of Expertise
  • Pilates mat and all apparatus
  • Body Ball 
  • Rehabilitation on all Pilates apparatus
  • BCRPA - Group Fitness Leader 
  • Check Institute – Body Ball training
  • PhysicalMind Institute: Pilates Mat, Gait Analysis, Osteoporosis, Prenatal, Sliding (gliders) Pilates
  • Balanced Body University: Pilates Comprehensive in mat, equipment and apparatus, plus workshops on small balls and roller
  • Mariska Breland: Pilates for MS and Neurological Conditions (including stroke and Parkinson’s)
  • Melanie Byford-Young: Pilates for Optimal Function of Foot and Ankle, and Gait Analysis
  • BASI Institute
    • Professional Bridging into BASI comprehensive Pilates program
    • Pilates for Injuries and Pathologies, advanced Education
    • Pilates for Mature Students 
    • Pilates for Men and Athletic Performance   
  • Single private session: member $65/hour, non-member $71/hour
  • Single duet session: member $50/hour, non-member $56/hour 
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To book your session, contact pt@ywcavan.org.