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Keep up to date with the latest in nutrition and fitness information with our member clinics. 

Each month we invite leading experts in nutrition, disease prevention, exercise and more to talk about the health and lifestyle issues you care about. 

Available to all members, free of charge, find upcoming clinics below. Please register with Member Services 604 895 5777. Non-members $10. 


Overcome your fear of the water and explore water movement and balance in this clinic.  With playful underwater exercises, you’ll gain more familiarity and comfort in such an environment. This class is designed for beginner swimmers. 

Saturday, April 29
10:45 - 11:45 am, pool

Why All Women Should Lift Weights

Weight training improves your posture, builds your endurance, boosts your confidence and mood, slows down the aging process, supports brain function and makes you stronger.  In this lecture Katherine will explain how weight training supports us in achieving an overall lean, functional, healthy body.  She will explain how to get started on a basic routine and how to tailor your weight training to your goals.  If you have wanted to start weight training, but need some added motivation - this talk is for you! 

Thursday, April 27
5:15 - 6:15 pm, 4th fl
Instructor: Katherine Taylor


What does great health mean to you? If you talk to ten different people, you may get ten different responses to this same question. Many of us are aware of what we need to do to stay healthy, so how come not all of us are doing it? Join Dr. Shawn Exley to discover the four important aspects of health and how we can take the information that’s available and apply it in order to make a difference in our lives.

Monday, May 1
5:15 - 6:15 pm, 4th fl
Instructor: Dr. Shawn K Exley


Do you often have a sore back throughout your day or after exercise? Do you have a back injury? Do you enjoy doing sit ups in the gym in an effort to strengthen your core and get rid of stomach fat? The science shows that sit ups and other flexion motions are detrimental to the spine and can lead to injuries like disc bulges. It’s important to work your core muscle in their true intended function - as stabilizing units during movement. Come and learn Katherin’s top 5 favourite core exercises for super strength in the mid section that won’t leave you with back pain or the risk of injury!

Thursday, May 18
12:15 - 1:15 pm, 4th fl
Instructor: Katherine Taylor


Excessive calorie restriction, binge dieting and high intensity cardio can actually put the brakes on your metabolism and create hormonal havoc - requiring you to keep eating less or exercise more to sustain your weight loss.  Learn about the 5 secrets to weight loss to re-ignite your metabolism, regain your energy and lose weight by eating better, not less. A fat-busting smoothie recipe will also be shared with the group so don’t miss out on this great clinic! ​

Thursday, June 1
5:15-6:15 pm, 4th fl
Instructor: Natalie McCrae, RHN
Holistic Nutritional Consulting


It happens every week. You push your cart through the local supermarket on autopilot, reaching for the same items again and again. But are the foods you’re buying as healthy as you think?  Eating healthy starts with shopping healthy. Between the trendy buzzwords on packaging, the tempting low prices on processed food and the limited amount of time you’d like to spend reading nutrition labels, grocery shopping can become confusing and time consuming! Make simple, smart food choices at the grocery store with these great tips! Join Health & Fitness Coach Regan Courtney for a fun and informative session!

Tuesday, June 20
5:15 - 6:15 pm, 4th fl
Instructor: Regan Courtney


Guaranteed to flip you upside down. Attention will be given to flip turn technique and timing. Participants will be coached through a swim workout after practicing flip turn skills. Drills will be incorporated into the workout to maximize flip turn correction. Come out and learn a new skill and get a great workout. You won’t be disappointed. Pre-Requisite: able to swim a minimum of 25 meters continuously and are comfortable in deep water.

Friday, June 30
5:15 - 6:15 pm, Pool
Instructor: Lifeguard


What are the favorite fitness apps of the fitness professionals? In this session we’ll explore the online world of fitness, and demonstrate some of the highest ranked tracking and workout apps. Learn how these apps can enhance your fitness experience. Bring your smart device, jump on our wifi, and be prepared to download a free app or two!

Thursday, July 6
5:15 - 6:15 pm, 4th fl
Instructor: Sandy Reimer


Learn tips and techniques to perfect your squats and lunges.
We will review how to align your body to accommodate your joint structure and improve your form. Come dressed in your workout gear.

Wednesday, August 2
11:15 - 12:00 pm, Studio 2
Instructor: Dylan Kay