Jenn Nurse

We find true value in experiences when guidance empowers us to connect the dots and create alignment with the elements that are most important in our lives. This is cultivated through an awareness of our own being, and strengthening the connections between mind, body and soul. 

Jenn spent most of her life exploring these connections and have always found solace in sharing her training and life experiences with others. From inspiring and coaching basketball teams at a young age to earning a black belt in Taekwondo, she have risen to the ranks of a P.A.D.I. Divemaster and continue to grow as an educator and athlete.  As someone who understands the benefits of an active lifestyle Jenn bases her Pilates practice on using controlled movements, with an emphasis on alignment, breathing, developing a strong core, and improving coordination and balance.  Her clients gain valuable insights and foster those lessons into improving their quality of life - strengthening the connection between mind, body and soul.


  • 2011 - Pilates Teacher Mat Certification (All levels) BCRPA recognized - Pilates Unlimited
  • 2016 - Pilates Reformer & Apparatus Certification - Pilates Unlimited (800 + hour Program)
  • 2016 - Red Cross Emergency First Aid & CPR Training CPR 3.0 and FFA 3.5
  • 2017 - Pilates Method Alliance CPT Certification 


  • Single Person - Member: $60 per hour / Non-Member: $66 per hour
  • Duet Reformer - Member: $40 per hour / Non-Member: $46 per hour
  • Small Group Training - Member: $26 per hour / Non-Member: $32 per hour
To book your session, contact / 604 895 5853.