Workout Bookings

During this pandemic, the facility is only accessible by booking your workouts.  Monthly members can self-book online 24/7 through MyClub, it's easy and convenient - ask us how or email

Members may hold up to 4 bookings, 8 days in advance, maximum one per day.  For bookings within 3 hours of your desired workout/class time, email for availability as the system will not allow you to book in that time frame.  All bookings are for 75 minutes at the Health + Fitness Centre, unless stated otherwise e.g. 90-minute gym workouts.  At the Fitness + Racquet Club, all gym workouts are 90 minutes in length.  

Booking Requests & Changes

If you're not feeling well or need to change your bookings for other reasons, don't sweat it, give us at least 24 hours notice (or as much time as possible) via  We'll release the spot to others or those on the waitlist.  This courtesy by all will ensure that everyone is able to access the facility.  Thank you for NOT being a no-show! We appreciate you. 

Pool Bookings

The pool is set up with 6 swim lanes.  With a pool reservation, you have your own lane for 30 minutes - you can use the gym for up to 45 minutes before or after your pool reservation without needing to book the gym.  Please also account for your time in the locker room to shower and change for a total of 75 minutes in the facility.  Hot tub/steam room use must be within the pool reservation time and are booked as a pool lane for now.  Check out the pool booking timetable.  Please follow the pool procedures below. 

  • Arrive on deck no more than 5 minutes before your reservation
  • Stand on the north end of the pool (by the ramp) on the numbered floor marker that corresponds to your lane booking and wait for lifeguard’s cue to begin your session
  • Use the hook on the wall at the end of your pool lane to hang your towel.  Your flip-flops can also be left there  
  • Steam room and hot tub use must be within your 30 minute reservation time.  Maximum of 3 people in the hot tub and 1 in the steam room
  • Leave promptly at the end of your reservation time - be sure to dry off before entering the chnage room after you shower 
  • Spend time in the locker room sparingly as there is limited capacity.  Note women’s 1st floor locker area can accommodate 2 people changing at one time, please use the 2nd floor when possible

SWIM LANE WAITLIST -  Effective October 23, the online waitlist for swim lanes will no longer be serviced due to its lack of consistency in managing the resource.  Please do not put your name on the list.  Feel free to check back on the booking site for availabilities.

Gym Bookings

Your bookings for gym workouts include access to the entire floor.  There are 75-minute and 90-minute workouts available - book accordingly.  Be sure to observe the capacity limit in each area as specified below, use an alternate area until space opens up.  Please keep the hallways clear of any activity to ensure traffic flow and physical distancing.  For gym workouts at FRC, select the location drop-down field when you self-book.  Check out the gym booking timeable at the Centre and FRC.

  • Cardio room - 21 people
  • Co-ed weight room - 8 people
  • Women's only - 6 people (available for co-ed use Monday to Friday, 11:45 - 1 PM) 
  • Stretch area - 4 people  (quiet area only/non-vigorous exercise)
  • Rooftop workout - 4 people (available Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays, 11-4 PM while weather permits)
  • Fitness + Racquet Club (FRC) - 20 people 

Class Bookings

At this time, all group fitness classes are at the Health + Fitness Centre.  Classes are 45 minutes in length and are limited to 15 participants.  Drop-ins are not permitted in the classes - all participants must be booked in.  Should you need to cancel your class booking, please email so your spot can be released to others.  Your courtesy is appreciated by all. 

Court Bookings

Interested in accessing squash and racquetball courts? Email to add court access to your membership for an additional $30/month which includes towel service. Once you're signed up for court-access, you'll be directed to create an account on SportyHQ to make your court bookings.  Single court access is also available for $5 per booking, per person, please email to make your reservations.