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The YWCA Culture Shift project aims to shift attitudes and practices that perpetuate the sexualization of women and girls and corresponding hypermasculinization of men and boys. We know these issues are linked to unhealthy relationships, increased mental health problems and the societal tolerance of violence against women. Through research and broad community engagement, the project focuses on driving systemic change at all levels of civil society.

To learn more about the YWCA Culture Shift project, contact Lori Boland at lboland@ywcavan.org or at 604 895 5819.

The YWCA Culture Shift Project, a three-year initiative supported by the Government of Canada through Status of Women Canada

Idea Statement

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Videos and images in the media often use blurred areas to cover up nudity or something gratuitous. When taken out of this context, a blurred area symbolizes a deliberate attempt to obscure. In this case, we are covering up the gender, and allowing the person and the mind to remain. Because when we aren’t labeled by our gender and sexual bodies, we are seen for our individual thoughts and ideas.​