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Media speaks volumes about what is important in society. The internet has made the consumption and production of media infinitely more complex. We are hyper-connected now more than ever and with that comes a need for media literacy, especially among young people.

Despite progress in recent years, young girls, LGBTQ+ youth and Indigenous youth continue to be misrepresented in media. Limited by traditional gender binary roles and stereotypes, young women and girls continue to be sexualized by the media while hypermasculinity is expected from men and boys. The misrepresentation of Indigenous peoples and LGBTQ+ communities continues to have many detrimental effects on youth, both on and off screen.

The Youth Advisory Council (YAC) is a program empowering youth in Metro Vancouver to become advocates for social change and achieve gender equality through media literacy. The Council’s goal is to empower young people who are passionate about creating change on issues relating to:

  • Social Media and Digital Literacy
  • Sexualization of girls and hyper-masculinization of boys
  • Gender Equality
  • Intersectionality
  • Popular Culture

Along with our advocacy work on the anti-sexualization of women and girls, this council encourages youth to develop their leadership skills and become agents of change in their local communities. It will empower youth to advocate for social change, speak out against sexism and challenge inequality.

Every year, the Youth Advisory Council is responsible for organizing and facilitating the YWCA Metro Vancouver’s annual media literacy conference, which is a youth-led conference that provides local youth with media literacy tools. In addition, the YAC has also been engaged in various community events.

This program is on hold and not currently recruiting members.