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Legal education

Do you need information or assistance with restraining orders, child and custody access or income assistance and social housing?

Our legal education services help women navigate the law system to keep their families healthy and safe.

YWCA legal educator

The YWCA legal educator provides one-to-one legal support and group workshops on a range of legal matters for women in need, including family law, poverty law, custody agreements, peace bonds and affidavits.

*Please note: The legal educator is not a lawyer and does not offer legal advice, but offers education, resources, referrals and support around legal issues.


The Legal Educator Program is on hold until December 1, 2017. Please call 2-1-1 for assistance.


Learn more...

...about the laws affecting women leaving violent relationships and low-income families across Metro Vancouver.

Legal resources

In 2014, 93% of the women who worked with our legal educator reported that they gained more knowledge of the legal system and felt more empowered and better able to deal with their legal situations.