Japanese Delicacy at Masayoshi
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The Michelin Stars in Vancouver 

Hero image source: Masayoshi website.

The Michelin Stars in Vancouver 


Scallop at AnnaLena

Image source: AnnaLena website 

Cuisine: Contemporary 
Unassuming atmosphere, graceful service, impeccably prepared dishes. The cooking employs pitch-perfect flavor combinations lifted with modern touches. 

Address: 1809 W 1st Ave, Vancouver (click here for directions from YWCA Hotel



Plate of food at Barabara

Image source: Barbara Instagram 

Cuisine: Contemporary  
Chef Patrick Hennessy’s home base. Small, chef-driven, intimate restaurant, and supporting local farms, distilleries, wineries and breweries as much as they can. 

Address: 305 E Pender St (click here for directions from YWCA Hotel


Boulevard Kitchen & Oyster Bar

Boulevard Kitchen and Oyster Bar Michelin Star restaurant

Image source: Boulevard Kitchen & Oyster Bar Facebook

Cuisine: Contemporary, Seafood 
Lead by the creative talents of Chef Alex Chen (Iron Chef Champion of 2019) and Chef Roger Ma (Canadian Culinary Champion 2020), Boulevard Kitchen is uncompromising in its showcase of fresh seafood and West Coast fare.

Address: 845 Burrard St (click here for directions from YWCA Hotel

Burdock & Co  

Server prepping food at Burdock and Co

Image source: Burdock & Co website 

Cuisine: Contemporary 
Chef Andrea Carlson's concise menu highlights the best of the season in the Canadian Pacific Northwest. Featuring natural abundance of ingredients cared for by growers, farmers, foragers, and a way of cooking that trusts the raw material to shine. 

Address: 2702 Main St (click here for directions from YWCA Hotel


Fanny Bay Oyster Bar

Fanny Bay Oyster Bar Michelin restaurant

Image source: Fanny Bay Oysters Facebook 

Cuisine: Seafood
It doesn't get much more tide to table than Fanny Bay Oyster Bar. Tucked on a quiet street within walking distance from the city's stadiums, this menu features some of the best shellfish and seafood-driven entrees around. 

Address: 762 Cambie St (click here for directions from YWCA Hotel

Kissa Tanto  

Photo of beef dish at Kissa Tanto

Image source: Kissa Tanto Facebook 

Cuisine: Japanese Inspired Italian 
Inspired by the jazz cafes of 1960s Tokyo, Kissa Tanto invites tantalizing moody vibes complete with white mosaic floors, antique Japanese panels and steely colored walls loaded with artwork and photos.With a definitive laidback vibe and an ambitious kitchen that works wonders with its mingling of Japanese and Italian cuisine. 

Address: 263 E Pender St (click here for directions from YWCA Hotel


Nigiri sushi at Masayoshi

Image source: Masayoshi website 

Cuisine: Japanese 
Chef Masayoshi Baba brings Japan's luxurious, jewel-box sushi counters to Vancouver and lets British Columbia's bounty guide this omakase—it's one hit after the next.

Address: 4376 Fraser St (click here for directions from YWCA Hotel


Published on Main  

Delicacies and neatly plated dishes at Published on Main

Image source: Published on Main website 

Cuisine: Contemporary 
Whether showcasing it on the plate or pickling and preserving it (those jars even double as decor), chef Gus Stieffenhofer-Brandson and his team are sourcing and foraging from local farms and forests, offering food that is familiar yet surprising. 

Address: 3593 Main St (click here for directions from YWCA Hotel


iDen & QuanJuDe Beijing Duck House 

Lobster dish at QuanJuDe

Image source: iDen & QuanJuDe Beijing Duck House Instagram 

Cuisine: Chinese 
It has a pedigree that traces back to an original location in Beijing from 1864, but the latest outpost in Vancouver proves that this place lost any of its luster. They're best known for its superlatively crispy and juicy duck. Delicious as the signature fowl may be, there is plenty more: a bevy of other delicacies are on offer, including bird's nest, sea cucumber and even a whole king crab if you're up for a splurge. 

Address: 2808 Cambie St (click here for directions from YWCA Hotel


St. Lawrence Restaurant  

Carefully plated dinner at St. Lawrence

Image source: St. Lawrence Instagram 

Cuisine: French 
There is so much to love about St. Lawrence with its textured walls, mosaic-tiled floor, antiques and open kitchen. A hit ever since opening, this charming Québécois bistro shares a true sense of place—it's even named for the region's mighty river. Sit close enough to Chef/owner Jean-Christophe Poirier's kitchen to experience the heady aromas of his rustic and hearty French-Canadian cooking. 

Address: 269 Powell St (click here for directions from YWCA Hotel