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Our Guide to Vancouver

Where to Eat - Dining Recommendations in Vancouver

Our Dining Recommendations in Vancouver Near the YWCA Hotel  

Casual Options 

  • Burgoo (101-1100 Burrard St
    Cozy eatery known for its comfort food classics like gourmet soups, stews, and hearty sandwiches 
  • Meat & Bread (370 Cambie St
    Sandwich shop specializing in slow-roasted meats and fresh bread, offering flavourful and satisfying options 
  • Japadog (530 Robson St
    Popular food truck serving Japanese-style hot dogs with unique toppings, offering a fusion of flavors 
  • Homer St. Café and Bar (898 Homer St
    Chic café and bar with a focus on locally sourced ingredients, serving up modern comfort food and creative cocktails 
  • Jam Cafe on Beatty (556 Beatty St
    Brunch hotspot known for its generous portions of delicious and creative breakfast and lunch dishes 
  • Fritz European Fry House (718 Davie St
    A must-visit spot for Belgian-style fries, serving crispy fries with a variety of dipping sauces 
  • Loblaws City Market (658 Homer St
    The perfect food hall for a variety of quick, affordable and fresh meals  
Photo of fusion hot dog at JapaDog

Image source: Japadog Instagram 

Family Dining 

  • White Spot (405 Dunsmuir St
    Casual family-friendly restaurant known for its burgers, comfort food classics, and signature Pirate Pak kids' meals 
  • The Old Spaghetti Factory (53 Water St
    Historic pasta restaurant offering a cozy atmosphere, complete with vintage décor and affordable Italian dishes 
  • Cactus Club Cafe (357 Davie St
    Trendy and modern chain restaurant offering a diverse menu of globally-inspired dishes, creative cocktails, and a stylish ambiance 
  • The Keg Steakhouse + Bar (688 Dunsmuir St
    Steakhouse known for its high-quality cuts of beef, seafood options, and elegant yet welcoming atmosphere 
  • Boston Pizza (808 Beatty St
    Casual sports-themed restaurant offering a wide selection of pizzas, pastas, burgers, and other comfort food options in a lively setting 
Cactus Club Cafe

Image source: Cactus Club Cafe website 


Pub Grub 

  • Devil's Elbow Ale and Smoke House (562 Beatty St
    Rustic smokehouse specializing in BBQ meats, craft beers, and a lively atmosphere 
  • Shark Club Sports Bar & Grill (180 W Georgia St
    Sports bar offering a wide range of pub-style food, drinks, and a vibrant atmosphere with multiple TVs for sports viewing 
  • District Bar Restaurant (121 Robson St
    Modern eatery with a diverse menu of contemporary dishes, craft cocktails, and a stylish, urban atmosphere 
  • The Lamplighter Public House (92 Water St
    Historic pub with a cozy and laid-back vibe, serving comfort pub food, a selection of drinks, and hosting live music 
  • The Pint Public House (455 Abbott St
    Lively sports bar featuring pub food, a variety of beers on tap, and a fun atmosphere with games and live sports screenings 
  • Ventura Room (695 Cambie St
    Trendy lounge and bar offering craft cocktails, small plates, and a sophisticated ambiance 
Photo of patio at lamplighter

Image source: The Lamplighter Public House website 

Chinese Restaurant 

  • Dinesty Dumpling House (1719 Robson St)
    Popular spot for soup dumplings and other authentic Chinese dishes in a modern and inviting setting 
  • Peaceful Restaurant (602 Seymour St
    Known for its flavorful Northern Chinese cuisine, particularly hand-pulled noodles and savory beef rolls 
  • Kirin Seafood Restaurant (1172 Alberni St
    Upscale Chinese restaurant specializing in Cantonese cuisine, featuring fresh seafood and dim sum 
  • Jade Dynasty Restaurant (137 E Pender St
    Dim sum and Chinese restaurant offering a wide range of Cantonese and Sichuan dishes in a casual setting 
  • Bao Bei Chinese Brasserie (163 Keefer St
    A modern Chinese spot known for its fusion of traditional and contemporary flavors, with a stylish and vibrant atmosphere 
  • Chinatown BBQ (130 E Pender St
    Casual eatery specializing in BBQ meats, particularly roast duck, pork, and soy chicken, with an authentic Chinese BBQ shop ambiance 
Image of Xiao Long Baos at Dinesty Dumpling House

Image source: Dinesty Dumpling House website 


Japanese Restaurant 

  • Marugame Udon (589 Beatty St)
    Hand crafted udon bowls and tempura from a lively open kitchen
  • Maruhachi Ra-men (270 Robson St)  
    Authentic ramen shop known for its flavorful broths and customizable toppings 
  • Black Rice – Izakaya and sushi (782 Cambie St
    Stylish izakaya offering a variety Japanese small plates in a modern setting 
  • Kita No Donburi – Donburi (423 Seymour St)  
    Casual eatery specializing in donburi bowls with a variety of toppings and Japanese comfort food dishes 
  • Minami – sushi and entrees (1118 Mainland St
    Upscale restaurant serving modern Japanese cuisine with a focus on sushi and entrees, in an elegant setting 
  • Miku – upscale (200 Granville St #70 near Canada Place
    High-end restaurant renowned for its innovative sushi, sashimi, and contemporary Japanese dishes, with stunning waterfront views 
  • Guu with Otokomae – Izakaya and unique drinks (375 Water St #105
    Lively izakaya with a unique menu of Japanese small plates and creative drinks, featuring a vibrant atmosphere 
  • Kingyo – Izakaya and small plates (871 Denman St
    Trendy izakaya offering a wide range of small plates and drinks, with a lively ambiance 
  • Tendon Kohaku – Tempura House (840 Howe St
    Specializes in tempura dishes, including tendon bowls with crispy tempura over rice 
  • Kokoro Tokyo Mazesoba – soupless ramen (551 Seymour St)
    Specializes in soupless ramen known as mazesoba, with flavorful toppings and unique textures 
  • JINYA Ramen Bar (541 Robson St
    Ramen bar offering a variety of rich and flavourful ramen bowls, with customizable options 
  • Tokyo in April – Fusion casual (526 Abbott St
    Fusion restaurant offering a mix of Japanese and Western flavors in a casual and relaxed setting 
  • Sushi Bros – economical sushi nearby (380 Robson St
    Budget-friendly sushi spot serving a variety of sushi rolls and other Japanese dishes 
  • Tetsu Sushi Bar – Upscale sushi/omakase (775 Denman St) 
    Upscale sushi bar known for its high-quality sushi and omakase experiences, showcasing the art of sushi-making 
Photo of tempura don at Tendon Kohaku

Image source: Tendon Kohaku Facebook 



  • Vij's (3106 Cambie St
    Acclaimed Indian restaurant offering innovative fusion dishes and a warm, inviting atmosphere 
  • East is East (on Main St
    Cultural eatery known for its organic and sustainable cuisine, blending Indian and Middle Eastern flavors in a cozy atmosphere 
  • Indian Delicacy (1130 W Pender
    Casual spot serving a wide range of Indian dishes, from classic curries to tandoori specialties, in a relaxed setting 
  • RV's Butter Kitchen (1355 Hornby St
    Cozy Indian eatery offering a variety of flavorful dishes, with a focus on butter-based sauces and traditional flavors 
  • Tasty Indian Bistro (1261 Hamilton St
    Modern Indian restaurant featuring a diverse menu of traditional and contemporary dishes, showcasing bold flavors and spices 
A platter of curries and other food delicacies at East is East

Image source: East is East Instagram 


Other Asian Eats 

  • Phnom Penh – Vietnamese-Cambodian (244 E Georgia St
    Popular eatery known for its Vietnamese-Cambodian cuisine, including their famous chicken wings, butterbeef and flavorful noodle dishes 
  • Dolsot (formerly Bibiko) – Korean (530 Hornby St)  
    Modern Korean restaurant offering a variety of traditional and contemporary dishes in a sleek and stylish setting 
  • Holy Chow – Asian Fusion (433 W Pender St
    Fusion restaurant combining flavors from various Asian cuisines, serving creative dishes in a casual environment 
  • Zoomak – Korean Tavern (52 Alexander St)  
    Cozy Korean tavern specializing in grilled meats, stews, and a wide selection of Korean beverages 
  • Joyeaux Café & Restaurant – Vietnamese (551 Howe St
    Casual shop serving authentic dishes, including pho, banh mi, and traditional Vietnamese cuisine 
  • TAKO – Korean Taqueria (601 Expo Blvd
    Unique fusion spot offering Korean-Mexican cuisine, featuring dishes like Korean tacos and fusion burritos 
  • Bali Thai – Modest Indonesian option (88 W Pender St
    Modest Indonesian eatery offering a mix of Indonesian and Thai flavors in a casual setting 
  • DD MAU Chinatown – Vietnamese (145 E Pender St
    Hip, contemporary, family-owned restaurant offering traditional Vietnamese food, beer & cocktails
Photo of soup noodle, chicken wings and butter beef at Phnom Penh

Image source: Phnom Penh Instagram 



  • Straight Brooklyn Pizza (350 Robson St
    Authentic New York-style pizza joint serving large slices and whole pies with a variety of toppings 
  • Nook (781 Denman St
    Cozy neighbourhood pizzeria offering thin-crust pizzas with traditional and creative toppings, along with other Italian dishes 
  • Pizza Garden (675 Smithe St
    Casual pizza place with an extensive menu of pizzas, including unique and gourmet options, with a focus on quality ingredients 
Nook Restaurant Pizza and Pastas

Image source: Nook Restaurants website



  • PappaRoti (193 Keefer Pl Unit 103
    Famous for its signature coffee caramel buns, PappaRoti offers a delightful combination of crispy buns with a buttery, caramel-filled center 
  • Mean Poutine (718 Nelson St) 
    A popular spot for poutine lovers, Mean Poutine serves up a variety of delicious poutine options with creative toppings and flavorful gravy 
  • Nero waffles (1002 Seymour St
    Nero Waffles specializes in serving delectable Liege-style waffles, both sweet and savory, with a variety of toppings and fillings 
  • Patisserie Fur Elise (847 Hamilton St
    A charming French patisserie offering an array of delicate pastries, cakes, and desserts, perfect for an indulgent treat 
  • Breka Bakery & Café (855 Davie St)  
    A 24-hour bakery and café known for its wide selection of baked goods, including pastries, bread, cakes, and sandwiches 
  • Purebread (159 W Hastings St)
    A haven for bread and pastry lovers, Purebread features a vast assortment of freshly baked goods, including unique and inventive flavors 
  • Bella Gelateria Gelato & Coffee (1301 Robson St
    Renowned for its artisanal gelato, Bella Gelateria offers a variety of gelato flavors made with high-quality ingredients, along with coffee 
  • Brazilliant cafe & catering (552 Seymour St
    A Brazilian cafe serving a range of traditional Brazilian treats, including pastries, snacks, and coffee 
Photo of desserts and baked goods at Purebread

Image source: Purebread Instagram 


Good Bubble Tea near the YWCA Hotel 

  • LEAF Cafe (290 Robson St)  
    Known for its authentic Taiwanese bubble tea, Truedan (Jenjudan) offers a wide range of milk teas and fruit teas with chewy tapioca pearls 
  • Gong Cha Pender (559 W Pender St
    A popular bubble tea chain, Gong cha offers a diverse menu of milk teas, fruit teas, and specialty drinks with customizable sweetness and toppings 
  • Hey I am Yogost (509 Dunsmuir St
    A yogurt bubble tea chain shop serving a variety of yogurt flavors with an array of toppings and customizable combinations. 
Gong Cha Bubble Tea

Image source: Gong Cha Canada website 


Fine Dining/ A Really Nice Dinner 

  • Any one of these Michelin Star restaurants 
  • Chambar Restaurant (568 Beatty St
    An upscale eatery offering Belgian and North African-inspired cuisine in a stylish and vibrant atmosphere 
  • Café Medina (780 Richards St
    A popular brunch spot known for its Mediterranean-inspired cuisine, including Belgian waffles and unique breakfast dishes 
  • PiDGiN Restaurant (350 Carrall St
    A contemporary Asian fusion restaurant serving creative dishes with influences from various cuisines in a sleek and modern setting 
  • Torafuku (958 Main St
    A modern Asian eatery offering innovative dishes that blend flavors from different Asian cuisines, with a focus on sharing plates 
  • Nightingale (1017 W Hastings St)  
    A chic and modern restaurant featuring a diverse menu of globally inspired dishes made with locally sourced ingredients 
  • Autostrada Osteria Downtown (350 W Pender St
    An Italian osteria specializing in handmade pasta and classic Italian dishes, offering a cozy and casual dining experience 
  • Pourhouse Restaurant (162 Water St
    A historic gastropub serving elevated comfort food and craft cocktails in a warm and inviting atmosphere 
  • Hawksworth Restaurant (801 W Georgia St
    A renowned fine dining establishment offering refined and contemporary Canadian cuisine in an elegant setting 
  • L'Abattoir (217 Carrall St
    A stylish and intimate restaurant known for its French-inspired cuisine, featuring locally sourced ingredients and a carefully curated wine list 
  • Botanist (1038 Canada Pl)  
    Located in the Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel, Botanist offers an elevated dining experience with a focus on seasonally inspired dishes and innovative cocktails 
Photo of a chef prepping a dish at botanist

Image source: Botanist Facebook