Outdoor and Nature Activities

Visiting Vancouver to soak in our beautiful scenery and breathe in our fresh air? We've compiled a list of recommendations for you! From hiking to biking to snowboarding to paddleboard yoga and kayaking, our city is a haven for the outdoor lovers. 


Fun Winter Outdoor Activities in Vancouver

Well-known for our local mountains close to the city’s downtown core, Vancouver is an ideal destination for travellers wanting to hit the slopes and...

Best Beaches to Visit in Vancouver

Going to the beach has become an essential summer outing for locals and visitors alike. Vancouverites are lucky enough to have plenty of options!...

6 Scenic Walking or Biking Paths Close to Downtown Vancouver

Many visitors come to Vancouver hoping to pause and take in our beautiful natural scenery. So, we’ve gathered a few suggestions from our staff and...

7 Beautiful Parks and Gardens in Vancouver

Vancouver is world-renowned for its natural beauty. Folks here in the Pacific Northwest love to spend time outdoors. With warmer weather on the...

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