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Class/Instructor Changes

Wednesday, February 26
10:15 am Aqua Lite with Lannette 
12:15 pm Indoor Cycling with Jill M. 
12:15 pm Double Step with Rowena (in place of Step Circuit)
1:00 pm Aqua Xpress with Cathie 
1:15 pm Total Barre with Johanna Ward
5:15 pm Bounce & Sculpt with Ewa (in place of RISE)
6:15 pm Circuit Training with Allister 

Thursday, February 27
1:15 pm Yoga Flow with Kat

Friday, February 28
12:15 pm Yoga Flow with Dan

Facility information

YWCA parking

Please note P1 YWCA parking is reserved 24 hours a day for staff and childcare. Members please proceed to Easypark for pay parking. Violators will be towed.

Credit cards on account
For security purposes, credit card companies do not permit storing card numbers on file. Please bring in your credit card for all transactions i.e. personal training, course registration.

Health status and personal information
If your health conditions or personal information (contact information, emergency contact, address, etc.) change at any time, please stop by Member Services to update your profile. Pregnant members should complete a PARmed-X form before using the facility.