Member Alerts

For regular updates on our classes and facility, visit Member Alerts daily.

New Optical Scanners

The turnstiles now have optical scanners! Simply place the barcode side of your membership card up (where indicated on the turnstile) to quickly scan and get access in to the facility. Please see Member Services if your card has a black stripe across the barcode. 

Class/Instructor Change

Sunday, June 23
10:00am Power Hour with Wendy

Monday June 24
6:30am Yoga Flow with Melanie
1:15pm Yoga Flow with TBA

Tuesday June 25
6:30am AquaRise with Geni

Wednesday June 26
6:30am Yoga Flow with TBA
12:15pm Cardio Bootcamp with Regan
1:15pm Power Yoga with TBA
5:15pm Pilates Mat with Fleur

Thursday June 27
6:20pm Bolly X with Marissa (replaces Zumba)

Friday June 28
5:15pm Dancefit with Johanna (replaces Zumba)

These classes will not continue for the rest of the Summer 2019 season (May - Sep 2).
Cycling - Thursdays at 5:30 PM / Last class June 20
Yoga for Beginners - Tuesdays at 2:05 PM / Last class June 25

The pool will be closed for cleaning and maintenance from August 19 to September 2.

Facility information

YWCA parking

Please note P1 YWCA parking is reserved 24 hours a day for staff and childcare. Members please proceed to Easypark for pay parking. Violators will be towed.

Credit cards on account
For security purposes, credit card companies do not permit storing card numbers on file. Please bring in your credit card for all transactions i.e. personal training, course registration.

Health status and personal information
If your health conditions or personal information (contact information, emergency contact, address, etc.) change at any time, please stop by Member Services to update your profile. Pregnant members should complete a PARmed-X form before using the facility.

BINGO JUNE 10 - 28

From June 10 to 28, join us for BINGO! We’ll be drawing two numbers each day, Monday to Friday. When you come in for your workout, you’ll be able to mark off the numbers on your BINGO card (with Member Services confirmation) for the current day and the previous day.

The first person to call BINGO on a line (vertical, horizontal, diagonal) or the pattern Y will win a $100 dining gift certificate. There will be 4 winners in total and one prize per person.  All workouts will be verified before the winner is announced. 


June 10 - B7, B8
June 11 - G56, O75
June 12 - N43, O68
June 13 - I30, N45
June 14 - B15, N44

June 17 - B6, B9
June 18 - B10, O69
June 19 - I27, G57
June 20 - I23, N41
June 21 - B2, N34

June 24 - G47, G51
June 25 - TBA
June 26 - TBA
June 27 - TBA
June 28 - TBA