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Personal Training

Personal Training

Our Trainers Assess, Design And Train

Our educated trainers will assess your current fitness level, design a personalized program and provide coaching as you train to get results.

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Our trainers are knowledgeable in the following areas:


General fitness & well being

Sport-specific training

Weight loss/gain

Functional training

Nutritional support

Reaching Your Fitness Goals

With more than 20 qualified and knowledgeable trainers on the team, you're sure to find the right fit! Check out the trainers' bios and select your top choice.  

To better meet your needs, please confirm your health status and let us know your training goals using our consultation form. If you are pregnant, please also complete the ParMed-X for Pregnancy form. 

We'll contact you to discuss your needs and goals. We can also help you select a trainer. 

Your trainer will contact you to book your sessions and set up your training program. 

Please pay for your session(s) at Member Services before your training session.

Enjoy your training session. You're on your way to reaching your health and fitness goals!

Meet our Trainers

Alesya Bogaevskaya, Ph.D. (she/her)

Alesya Bogaevskaya, Ph.D., is an ACE-certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor, Can-Fit-Pro member and a Registered Yoga Teacher. Alesya started her fitness career in Russia as an aerobics instructor and ballroom dance teacher while working in academia. Later, during her doctoral
Areas of Expertise
  • Functional fitness for sport and recreation
  • Strength training and weight management/fat loss
  • Body Composition Analysis (Muscle/Fat %, Basic Metabolic Rate) 
  • Sculpting and toning
  • ACE Therapeutic Exercise Specialist: exercise programs to improve the health of adults with cardiovascular disease...
Amanda Rnic

Amanda Rnic, Physiotherapist, MScPT, BSc, CGIMS, CAFCI (she/her)

Amanda completed her Master of Science in Physiotherapy from the University of Toronto in 2010 and has since completed extensive post-graduate training in needling techniques (IMS and Acupuncture) and Manual Therapy. She also has additional training in Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy, concussion and
Areas of Expertise
  • Sports injury management
  • Repetitive overuse conditions
  • Pre- and post-natal conditions (for Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy appointments, please visit Amanda at
  • Arthritis management
  • Neuropathic dysfunction management
  • Concussion, vestibular and dizziness issues

Brano Zadubenec, BSc. DOMP, CPT (he/him)

Brano is passionate about helping people improve their quality of life using a holistic approach. He believes a positive impact can be made through education on the importance of active, healthy lifestyles. He obtained a bachelor's degree of Sport Science in Slovakia, and moved to Canada to further
Areas of Expertise
  • NeuroKinetic therapy (compensatory movement pattern, motor control center cerebellum, muscle dysfunction)
  • Osteopathy (flexibility, myofascial release, MET technique, joint manipulation, soft tissue release, strain-counter strain technique etc.)
  • Muscle imbalances assessment
  • Manual muscle testing...
Cameron Hunt

Cameron Hunt, BHK (he/him)

Cameron loves being a kinesiologist, and has been a practicing member of the British Columbian Association of Kinesiologist's since 2007. What makes Cameron unique is his ability to offer a multimodal approach to physical activity. He combines his expertise as a strength training coach, with his
Areas of Expertise
  • Strength and fitness coaching
  • Active Rehabilitation and Injury Management
  • Fitness program design for wellness and durability
  • Myofascial Stretching, Shiatsu and Fingerprint Acupressure
  • Functional Capacity Evaluation - Fitness benchmark testing

Carl Ljungberg (he/him)

As a trainer with over 25 years experience, Carl understands the importance of physical and mental health. With many long-term clients, he has completed over 30,000 personal training sessions. He has worked with young people, older retirees, athletes, people new to exercise and people with
Areas of Expertise
  • Small group training
  • Strength endurance
  • Program design
  • Full body health