Brano Zadubenec BSc. DOMP, CPT (he/him)

Brano Zadubenec BSc. DOMP, CPT (he/him)


Brano is passionate about helping people improve their quality of life using a holistic approach. He believes a positive impact can be made through education on the importance of active, healthy lifestyles. He obtained a bachelor's degree of Sport Science in Slovakia, and moved to Canada to further pursue his passion and education. In 2018, Brano graduated from the National Academy of Osteopathy in Toronto and became a Registered Manual Osteopath. Additionally, he recently finished the disability management certificate at the University of Fredericton. 

Brano has extensive knowledge in personal training, and he uses a Neurokinetic Therapy approach treating various injuries, strains, and sprains. Through reprogramming movement patterns in the motor control center in the cerebellum he is able to reduce compensatory movement patterns, as well as treating musculoskeletal conditions such as OA, OP, and chronic pain management.

Areas of Expertise
  • NeuroKinetic therapy (compensatory movement pattern, motor control center cerebellum, muscle dysfunction)
  • Osteopathy (flexibility, myofascial release, MET technique, joint manipulation, soft tissue release, strain-counter strain technique etc.)
  • Muscle imbalances assessment
  • Manual muscle testing
  • Assisted stretch therapy
  • Sports medicine and performance 
  • Neurokinetic Therapy - Corrective Movement System (Certificate)
  • Integrated Disability Management (Certificate)
  • Diploma of Manual Practice (DOMP) Registered Manual Osteopath
  • Member of Canadian Alternative Medicine (ACMA)
  • Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) Certificate Part 1
  • Member of British Columbia Recreation and Park Association (BCRPA Personal Trainer Certificate)
  • Bachelor’s degree of Sport Science (Comenius University Slovakia)
  • Member $75/hour
  • Non-member $81/hour
  • 5 session package Member $350 / Non-member $380 
  • 10 session package Member $650 / Non-member $710
  • Osteopathic Manual Treatment Member $85/hour / Non-member $91/hour (osteopathy is covered by most extended health policies)
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