Pilates instructor Zoria Jovic

Zorica Jovic

Zorica Jovic


Zorica's approach of teaching Pilates is to simply bring out the best in your body with accurate results! By using the Pilates Method's fundamental six principles (breath/centering/concentration/control/flow/precision) and exercises integrated with one another, results consist of strength, grace, balance, and ease.

Zorica is a fully certified Pilates instructor - Comprehensive Global repertoire (mat & apparatus) through BASI Pilates. Zorica has a background of 25 years in the fitness industry, an international gymnastics career, and is a two-time gold winning Olympian. A well-rounded knowledge of technical precision in anatomical movement and a decade of professional training has prepared her for the demands and discipline of the Pilates Method. This Method has become her way of life. As a Pilates instructor, Zorica keeps her studies relevant with the most current innovations and body sciences by incorporating PNF, cross-chain training, and fascial studies with a particular focus on functional movement. 

Regardless of age or physical condition, including pre and post-surgery, athletic conditioning, geriatric mobility, or those participating in chosen sport activity, Zorica encourages her students to take control of their own practice. This is done by using descriptive cues to ensure that every student is comfortable performing the movements, with safety being the top priority at all times. 

  • Pilates Certified Instructor - Comprehensive Global Repertoire of BASI (Body Arts and Sciences International)
  • Pilates for men and athletes from Physio perspective - BASI
  • Pilates for mature clients - PMA (Pilates Method Alliance)
  • Working with Osteoporosis - Anatomy Trains T. Myers
  • Fascia Functional movement (Sensory/Emotional Response) - Anatomy Trains T. Myers
  • Body Riding 101-102 - Anatomy Trains T. Myers
  • Single private session: member $80/hour, non-member $86/hour
  • Single duet session: each member $60/hour, each non-member $66/hour
  • Package of 6 sessions: Member $480, non-member $516
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