Personal Training

Personal Training

Personal training downtown Vancouver

Our Trainers Assess, Design And Train

Our educated trainers will assess your current fitness level, design a personalized program and provide coaching as you train to get results.

For any outside personal training enquiries, please contact Catherine King (

Our trainers are knowledgeable in the following areas:


General fitness & well being

Sport-specific training

Weight loss/gain

Functional training

Nutritional support

Reaching Your Fitness Goals

With more than 20 qualified and knowledgeable trainers on the team, you're sure to find the right fit! Check out the trainers' bios and select your top choice.  

To better meet your needs, please confirm your health status and let us know your training goals using our consultation form. If you are pregnant, please also complete the ParMed-X for Pregnancy form. 

We'll contact you to discuss your needs and goals. We can also help you select a trainer. 

Your trainer will contact you to book your sessions and set up your training program. 

Please pay for your session(s) at Member Services before your training session.

Enjoy your training session. You're on your way to reaching your health and fitness goals!

Meet our Trainers
Fran Hinton

Fran Hinton

Fran Hinton began her journey in yoga in 1965 and has trained in various styles over the past 50 years. Because of her own ongoing back issues, Fran began practicing the Pilates method in 1997 and continues to teach and study under master teachers in both yoga and Pilates. Fran’s current passions
Areas of Expertise
  • Pilates mat and all apparatus
  • Body Ball 
  • Rehabilitation on all Pilates apparatus
Ivy Dexter

Ivy Dexter

Ivy Dexter's mission is to help bring balance and strength to your life! Ivy's passion in dance and movement led her to become a BCRPA-certified personal trainer in 2002. Over the years she has taught group fitness, studied yoga in India, and received extensive training in Pilates to better meet her
Areas of Expertise
  • Core stability training (Pilates, ball and bosu)
  • Yoga/stretching programs
  • Weight loss programs
  • Strength programs
  • “Learn To Run” programs
Mieko Tanaka

Mieko Tanaka

Mieko completed her Balanced Body and PhysicalMind Institute Pilates Training (mat, reformer and apparatus) and has been teaching Pilates and yoga since 2011. She loves helping people find strength, energy, balance and peace through mindful movements and breath, which will allow them to continue
Areas of Expertise

Pilates mat, reformer and apparatus.

Sara Allen

Sara Allen

“Change happens through movement, and movement heals” - Joseph Pilates Sara’s journey with health, fitness and movement began at a the age of nine when she started competitive Synchronized Swimming. Her cross training included a variety of fitness modalities including strength training, yoga, dance
Areas of Expertise
  • Strength training, yoga, dance and of course, Pilates
  • Body awareness and the use of breath to help with performance
  • Pilates movements and alignment principles
  • Stott Pilates Reformer training
  • Feel the difference that consistent and intentional movement can make
Tamsen Simon

Tamsen Simon

A former Olympic athlete, Tamsen teaches Pilates for those who wish a deeper understanding of movement potential. Combining their experience of being trained in a high-performance environment with the technical precision of the Pilates method allows Tamsen to vary their approach in conveying
Areas of Expertise
  • High-performance training integration
  • Rehabilitative exercise
  • Trauma-informed practice
  • Neurological conditions (Parkinson's, MS, Post-stroke)​​​​​