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Love Your Workout

You know it's love when you look forward to the workout, enjoy doing it, and feel great when you're done!  

With safety protocols in place, you can do the workout that you love or find a new one!  Take a class, go for a swim, or do your own workout in the gym - we've got it all and more!  

We all know the importance of exercise to our mental and physical health.  Exercise not only boosts energy, improves mood, promotes better sleep, controls weight, combats health conditions/diseases but it can also be fun and social, without compromising the physical distancing! 

We're here to help you do more of what you love, and what makes you feel good.  Your membership also includes access to our Fit on Demand online workouts.  With a growing collection of videos including DanceFit, Zumba, Barre, Pilates Mat, Yoga, HITT, Boot Camp, Cycle and more - you can get fit, stay fit, whenever and wherever you may be!  Use the workout videos when you’re at home, in the park, or while in the facility.

With great care and planning, we have put in preventative measures for your health and safety.  Learn more about what we’re doing, how you can prepare for your visit, and what members are saying about the facility below.

We look forward to welcoming you to the YWCA!


Thank you so much for making the appropriate changes during this unprecedented time. I only use the pool and am really enjoying the swim by booking only arrangement. I know when I come to the Y, I have a whole lane to myself to enjoy for 30 minutes. I don’t have to worry about passing others or being too slow for some others. I can do whatever swim drills and don’t have to worry about affecting others. It is simply a more enjoyable and relaxing swim.  I hope that the Y will adopt this as the new protocol even after the pandemic. - Sam W.  

Management and staff have done an amazing job in opening up the facility and bringing us back.  The SPIN classes on Tuesday and Thursday morning are fantastic - the bigger studio with the overhead sound really enhances the experience.  Booking is now really easy - the front-line staff manning the emails are really helpful.  Can’t praise you guys enough.  Facility is immaculate - controls and rules all easy to adapt to.  Now that I am back at the Y and working at the office a few days of the week, things are almost normal!  Thanks everyone — you are ALL amazing. - Debra T. 

I was so relieved to see that every precaution has been taken by the YWCA Van team. I saw your staff cleaning constantly, you took clear precautions inside the cycling studio to encourage physical distancing, and you have sanitizer everywhere. I felt very comfortable and taken care of by your team, and my workout was awesome! - Samantha G 

Thanks to everyone who’s worked hard to make the facility feel like a safe and comfortable space to return to. Signage is clear throughout the facility. Cleanliness is always excellent and the cleaning staff are a regular and friendly presence. Thanks also for re-distributing weight racks to different spaces so it is easy for several people to access hand weights individually. I’ve used the cardio room, main weight room, women’s workout area and stretching area since I’ve been back and am happy with all the physical distancing changes you’ve made. While making an appointment time to work out takes a bit of organizing, it’s suitable.  I’ve found that the member services staff always respond to my booking requests quickly and so far I’ve had no problem booking at the times I’ve requested.  It’s great to be back working out again! - Sheila M 

I have been at the facility since they opened and I am very happy with the prevention measures being taken, all the time there are cleaning staff on the slope of keeping the areas clean. - Alma S. 

I’ve been back at the YW for 2 weeks now, and while things aren’t quite the same as they were, it still feels good to be there. I have not the slightest worry about my health or safety.  I’ve attended some classes – some I took regularly before and some are new, with new instructors at new times.  It’s somewhat different, but still very familiar.  Attending Boot Camp, Barre, Cardio Workout and Yoga Flow gives me the luxury of just following along, without the work of planning ahead or even having to count!  It’s a treat. - Mary P.  

I attended my first workout and swim yesterday at the YWCA. It is clear that the management and staff have done a great deal of planning and hard work preparing for and opening the facilities for our members.  The emailed information received to reactivate my membership was informative and accurate. The process was clearly set out and easy to follow.  Throughout my time in the change room, gym and pool, I felt completely safe. Other members were also very respectful with respect to proper social distancing and sanitizing equipment both before and after use.  To the management and staff at the YWCA, you have done an amazing job, under unprecedented and difficult circumstances.  Your hard work and efforts are very much appreciated. - Gary C.