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How exactly is YWCA Metro Vancouver achieving women’s equality?

We believe that achieving economic independence and providing equal opportunities is key to achieving women’s equality. Our advocacy work aims to address the root causes of poverty and social inequality. When reforms are made at the policy level, we will see sustainable social change. 

Our advocacy positions are grounded in the work we do each day and informed by current research and evidence. Our advocacy work involves targeted engagement of business, community and government leaders. And we can’t do it without the support and engagement of everyone, regardless of gender — after all, our vision is one where we all work together to create an equal society.

Our advocacy work focuses on: 

  • Universal early learning and child care
  • Work-life balance
  • The sexualization of women and girls
  • Stopping violence against women
  • Support for single moms
  • Affordable housing
  • Mothers without legal status
  • The protection of sexual and reproductive rights

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