Children playing in a group
We Advocate For

Universal Child Care

Access to quality, affordable early learning and child care is one of the most tangible ways to advance gender equality.  

YWCA Metro Vancouver advocates for public investment in child care to support women and families, help children thrive and strengthen the economy.

Why Child Care?
  • It’s a sound economic investment. Studies show that public spending on quality, universal early learning and child care returns upwards of $2 for every $1 spent. 

  • It advances gender equality. With access to affordable child care, women are able to enter or return to the workforce, or move from part-time to full-time jobs. This contributes to their long-term financial security while addressing labour shortages. 

  • It's a smart social investment. Research shows that children who receive high-quality child care need fewer public funds later in life for education, employment and social programs. 

  • It helps communities. High-quality child care leads to improved social development, educational outcomes and labour force participation. 

  • It’s essential for economic recovery. BC’s post-pandemic economic recovery depends on child care so parents can return to work, families can leave social assistance, businesses are bolstered with employable prime-age applicants and the BC economy gains nearly 70,000 new jobs. 


How do we champion child care?
  • We advocate for public investment in child care by engaging business, community and government decision-makers. 

  • We partner with organizations and advocates to mobilize public support for child care in BC and across Canada.  

  • We operate four child care centres across Vancouver with a range of options for families.