Women working together
We Advocate For

Women's Economic Well-Being

Economic well-being is critical to women’s safety, health and quality of life.  

YWCA Metro Vancouver is committed to advocating for changes to policy, tackling harmful social norms and removing barriers to promote women’s economic well-being.

Why Economic Well-being?

Women face systemic barriers to good employment and economic security, like the lack of affordable housing and child care, the gender pay gap and overrepresentation in low-wage and part-time work.  

Social norms and attitudes also play a role. For example, women take on the bulk of unpaid care work at home, which leads to work-life conflict and impacts their ability to keep their jobs and advance in their careers.  

Indigenous, racialized and newcomer women, women living with disabilities and 2SLGBTQIA+ women face even greater barriers to economic well-being. 

The pandemic is also intensifying economic barriers women face and the long-term implications for their economic well-being are significant.  

How are we working to promote women’s economic well-being?
  • We engage business, community and government leaders to change policy and practices and strengthen legislation related to women's economic well-being. 
  • We challenge attitudes and social norms that undermine women’s economic security through public education and awareness building. 
  • We partner with government and other organizations to research issues related to women’s economic wellbeing and find innovative solutions. 
  • We provide a range of specialized employment programs to support self-identified women with skills, confidence and experience to find a job or move on to further training. 
  • We provide other critical services, such as safe, affordable housing, child caresupport for single mothers and legal supports
  • We support women with bursaries, grocery vouchers, gift certificates and other resources to help them make ends meet.