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Guide to High School supports Grade 7 students in their transition to high school with a focus on social and emotional health. 

Guide to High School is a free after-school program that operates in schools across Vancouver and Surrey. The goal of the program is to support students in their transition to high school by discussing topics such as social media, managing stress, making friends, resisting peer pressure, speaking up against bullying, and other topics related to the high school experience. 


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  • Practice preparing healthy snacks 

  • Try out different ways of staying active  

  • Debunk myths related to health 

  • Fixed mindsets  

  • Growth mindsets 

  • Coping strategies for dealing with stress  

  • Time management  

  • Healthy friendships  

  • How to make new friends  

  • Peer Pressure  

  • Setting Boundaries 

  • Personal Identity  

  • Power dynamics and bullying 

  • Ways to speak up against bullying 

  • Social Media  

  • Tropes in the media  

  • Digital Wellness 

Program Days and Times

Start dates, schedule and registration dates to be announced.

There will be 40 spots available for registration at each school. 


List of Schools


  • Cunningham Elementary 

  • Tecumseh Elementary 

  • Fleming Elementary 

  • Windermere

  • John Oliver 


  • Johnston Heights 

  • Clayton Heights 

  • Lord Tweedsmuir 

  • North Surrey 

  • Earl Marriott 


This program has been successfully running in Vancouver since 2004 and in Surrey since 2012.

If you have any questions, please contact the YWCA Youth Education Team at youth@ywcavan.org


YWCA Guide to Highschool volunteers
Interested in Volunteering?

Guide to High School is an after-school program that supports Grade 7 students in their transition to high school. The program is led by a team of one YWCA staff member and 4-6 volunteers where you will work together to lead pre-written curriculum discussions and activities on topics such as healthy living, friendships, understanding identity, bullying, peer pressure, and other topics related too navigating high school.  

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