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Member Success Profile: Gord

What is the secret to Gord’s commitment to fitness? His lunchtime exercise session is scheduled into his day as a meeting. He treats it like any other meeting and it is rare that he is late or cancels.

Member Since: 2006
Goal: Play with his children
Advice: Schedule exercise as a meeting

Gord is a busy man. He works 10 hours a day and still has the energy to play hockey with his children. How does he do it? He credits his regular commitment to exercise.

Since joining the Health + Fitness Centre, Gord has lost 25 lbs and noticed an increase in his energy. In fact, when travelling and not able to stick with his fitness schedule he notices his energy levels are lower.

What is the secret to Gord’s commitment to fitness? Exercise is scheduled into his day as a meeting. He treats it like any other meeting and it is rare that he is late or cancels.

“It is only 45 minutes to an hour of my day and it allows me to focus on myself and forget about work. It really sets me up to tackle the rest of the day.”

Gord enjoys the atmosphere at the Centre and finds it spiritually uplifting. He finds that members are respectful of each other, the front desk staff is friendly, the facility is very clean and YWCA Vancouver treats its members well.

Gord is one of a few men in the conditioning classes and other men have commented on it. His response is, “You have to be coordinated, listen, be in step and keep up – try it!” The multi-tasking nature of the classes force him to stop thinking about work. He pushes himself hard and other members have told him he is motivating to have in class.

So what is next for Gord? Look for him in your next yoga class as he works on maintaining his flexibility.

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