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Member Success Profile: Tim

After dealing with Type 2 Diabetes for most of his adult life, Tim was determined to make a lifestyle change that would allow him to lose the weight and manage his blood sugar levels through healthy diet and exercise.

Member since: June 2011

Goal: To adopt a new healthy and balanced lifestyle,

Advice: “If something is not working... Try something else!”

Tim first started his journey back in 2011 when he was selected to participate in the 3-month YWCA program Healthy Habits, Healthy Lifestyle. His idea of letting go unhealthy habits was like letting go of an old, beloved coat – He wanted to hang on to what was comfortable! Before starting the program, Tim hadn’t been to a gym in years and was certainly overcoming one of his fears by participating in activities like yoga and weight training!
Soon after the program, Tim signed up to be a Health + Fitness member, found himself a trainer and has now been coming to work out up to five times a week.
“I’ve got a million excuses… so I’ve just built it into [my schedule]. I get up early, I come here, I do my thing, and then I go to work. So now it’s a lifestyle thing – I’ve built it right into what I’m doing”
Today, Tim has lost over 45 pounds, but believes he is only halfway there, “I still feel like a work-in-progress... I know when the weight goes, there is going to be something else that I want to do. I’m going to want to keep growing!” Tim says that if there is a piece of advice he would give someone else struggling to step out of their comfort zone, it would be that “If something’s not working, or you’re not 100%, just try something else. Keep changing. Eventually the pieces will start to come together.”
Are you a YWCA Health + Fitness member with a story to share? Get in touch with us and we’ll profile you in our Member Success Series!

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