Five healthy breakfasts to boost your metabolism

Five healthy breakfasts to boost your metabolism

by Monica Tangry

There’s no doubt that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Breakfast literally means “breaking the fast” of the night, as it’s the first meal you will eat after a night’s sleep. Breakfast also sets the stage for the rest of the day, and whether or not you have it is a key factor in helping you stay on track with your health and fitness goals. 

The right morning meal can help with weight loss by revving the metabolism, jump-starts the brain and stabilizes blood sugar to control cravings. Research shows that regular breakfast eaters tend to be leaner and more successful at losing weight—and keeping it off—when they eat breakfast.

So whether you're too busy or just not hungry in the morning, here are five breakfast ideas that are nutrient rich and easy to prepare. Choose one and your day is sure kick off right.

Green Protein Smoothie

If you’re not a breakfast person, ease yourself into it by sipping on a smoothie throughout the morning to start your day with vitamins and nutrients. Adding a protein powder (for example, whey, hemp, or spirulina) will keep you satiated longer and ward off cravings. The greens can be in the form of a green superfood powder (my favorite is Amazing Grass), or a handful of fresh spinach or kale. The greens are detoxifying and help stabilize blood sugar. 

•    1 cup unsweetened coconut milk
•    2 cups baby spinach or baby kale or green powder
•    1 frozen banana
•    2 tablespoons almond butter
•    2 teaspoons organic vanilla extract
•    1/4 cup (1 scoop) protein powder
•    1 cup ice (optional)

Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.

Greek Yogurt Parfait

Greek yogurt is all the rage right now and right fully so. Creamy and decadent, it’s an indulgence without the guilt. Packed with 30% protein and 20% bone-building calcium, making it an ideal food for breakfast or snack. Layer Greek yogurt with a high fibre cereal or granola, and berries for a satisfying morning meal. 

Eggs and Avocado

Eggs are a great weight-loss food. The secret lies in their ability to keep you full much longer than fat or carbohydrates. They are loaded with vitamins, minerals, high quality proteins, good fats. Eggs also contain small amounts of almost every vitamin and mineral required by the human body. While the whites are mostly protein, the nutrients are all found in the yolks. A whole egg is a perfect superfood. For breakfast try two eggs any style with avocado on sprouted grain toast. 


Oatmeal can help you lose weight in two ways: first, it's high in fibre, which means it will keep you fuller longer. Second, since oatmeal is a complex or slow-release carbohydrate it will keep your blood sugar stable. According to recent research, a breakfast of oatmeal eaten three hours before exercise can help you burn more fat due to lower blood sugar levels.

Breakfast Burrito

Try a breakfast burrito full of heart-friendly monounsaturated fats. Fill a wrap with sliced avocado, scrambled eggs, brown rice, beans and a splash of salsa. Use your imagination and get creative with the ingredients! This balanced meal will keep you satisfied and help you consume less calories for the entire day.

Monica Tangry is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and a trainer at YWCA Health + FitnessMonica can help you improve your overall well-being by addressing your specific health concerns. She will design a customized wellness plan consisting of a mealplan based on your preferences and provide various lifestyle recommendations to help you realize your optimal health. To book your session, contact or 604 895 5853.