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Inspiring Young Women: High School Mentorship Match Highlight


Don't you wish you had more help preparing for the future when you were in high school? Think how useful it would have been to have a behind-the-scenes look at your dream career.

The YWCA High School Mentorship program offers girls a chance to explore and plan for their futures with a positive female role model. The program matches Grade 11 and 12 girls from Metro Vancouver high schools with mentors in a career related to their mentee's interests. 

Mentees learn how to be assertive, how they can be involved in the community and how to manage their careers. By meeting with their mentors and attending workshops offered during the school year, mentees have new opportunities to explore possible career paths, build self-esteem, develop their personal skills and deepen their understanding of issues affecting women. 

Here, mentors Monica and Hala, and mentees Nikki and Allysha share their experiences of the 2015-16 High School Mentorship program so far. 

What is your favourite part about this program so far?

Allysha (mentee):  I think the best part of this program is that I get to learn about a profession in the field of work that I’m interested in. I get a glimpse into Monica’s life as a holistic nutritionist and the journey she took to get to where she is today, which gives me valuable information for when I start university!

Monica (mentor):   I am so happy to be a mentor in this program and to get paired up with such a bright young woman like Allysha who is interested in the field that I work. We have attended a lot of fun and interesting group activities at the YWCA so far but I am really looking forward to some one-on-one time where we can get to know each other and chat about what it’s like to attend university and start your career as a professional.

What activity idea would you like to share with (other mentors and mentees)?

Hala (mentor):  We have had a great time getting to know each other. We attended the [YWCA High School Mentorship Program's] Communication & Networking Workshop and found it very useful. Nikki also met me at UBC and we wandered around campus.

Nikki (mentee):  I enjoyed the Communication & Networking Workshop, it allowed to me to garner some knowledge about networking while also allowing me to improve my skills with Hala. I'm also excited to hopefully do more bookstore scouting! 

What do you like most about your mentorship relationship?

Hala (mentor):  My favourite part of the program is just getting to know Nikki. I am very excited to see what academic and vocational path she chooses. I know that she will succeed in all of her future endeavours.

Nikki (mentee):  The best part of this program is being able to cultivate a friendship with someone who is also able to provide guidance for my future plans!

At YWCA Metro Vancouver, part of our mission is to help women achieve economic independence, and this involves providing young women with the information they need to move them towards brighter and more sustainable futures.

Are you a professional woman who can spare a few hours each month to provide advice, support and encouragement? We’re always in need of professional women to mentor female high school students. Learn more about volunteering as a mentor with the YWCA: ywcavan.org/help/become-mentor


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