Mentorship Best Practices Toolkit

The toolkit is intended for agencies, organizations and program staff who are planning to develop a new mentorship program or reviewing an existing mentorship program.


About the Toolkit

The YWCA Metro Vancouver has successfully operated mentorship programs for over two decades. The NextStep Mentorship Program was developed on the foundation of the YWCA’s extensive knowledge and experiences in promoting positive outcomes for adults seeking employment through mentorship. We created the Mentorship Best Practices Toolkit based on the insights gained from operating the NextStep Mentorship Program. In the toolkit, we cover every aspect of creating, sustaining and enhancing mentoring relationships and programs.

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“Sometimes when you go through a new situation, it can be overwhelming. Having a mentor helped encourage me when I was unsure of my next step. She boosted my confidence and reminded me that I know the answers already and just need to trust myself.” 

– Joann, NextStep mentee


The three-year YWCA NextStep Mentorship Program was funded by the British Columbia Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction’s (MSDPR) Community and Employer Partnership Research and Innovation Fund.