Member Success Profile: Reamick

Member Success Profile: Reamick

Wednesday, June 20, 2018 by Monica Lytle

During a particularly stressful period in her life, Reamick learned just how important leading a healthy, active lifestyle was in helping her cope.

Reamick started her journey at the Health + Fitness Centre 13 years ago after experiencing the stressful effects of transitioning to a new job. She has always led an active lifestyle, but today, her focus is no longer just on the physical benefits of working out. Taking a more holistic approach, Reamick believes having a healthy lifestyle involves nurturing your whole self - mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, and this makes a significant difference in all areas of your life. She knows firsthand how an improved mental and physical state can help you cope during difficult times, inspires you to go after what you want, and really enjoy life.

Since joining the Health + Fitness Centre, working out has become second-nature for Reamick, and her goal is to “just keep going.” The H+F team and all the instructors at the YWCA have played a positive role in helping her to achieve her goals. One individual that stands out is Dylan Kay, Fitness Coordinator and Personal Trainer at the YWCA. She says “He really saw what I needed and pushed me in a good way, when I didn’t even know I could stretch that much further.”

Looking ahead, Reamick is planning to change up her routine by getting back in the pool and incorporating more stretching, yoga and pilates into her workouts. Her advice to others is to keep showing up for you, and not for anybody else. We all have ups and downs, good days and bad days but if you show up and give your best, you really will get a lot back.