• The YWCA is committed to the full realization of equality for Canada’s Indigenous peoples

Our Shared Role in Reconciliation

Advancing Reconciliation is critical to breaking down barriers to equality and building resilient, sustainable communities. We recognize the ongoing legacies of colonialism and their destructive impacts on Indigenous peoples’ education, cultures and languages, health, welfare and economic opportunities. The YWCA is committed to the full realization of equality for Canada’s Indigenous peoples, and has a long history of working with Indigenous groups to provide holistic, culturally relevant programs and services.

We have engaged Reciprocal Consulting, an award-winning Indigenous-run firm, to develop an organization-wide Reconciliation framework that will embed a culture of Reconciliation across YWCA Metro Vancouver and support the important work of Indigenous collaborators and community partners.

As part of our shared efforts, Reciprocal Consulting surveyed YWCA staff to assess their knowledge of Indigenous history in Canada and to obtain their input on the project. This feedback helped shape the content of our first workshop, which will highlight Canada’s colonial history and legacy, and offer guidance on how to combat racism and be an ally. Future workshops and knowledge-building exercises will build upon our commitment to Reconciliation and inform all aspects of our work – from advocacy to service delivery.

To encourage and advance this important initiative from coast to coast to coast, we will share our Reconciliation framework with YWCAs across Canada. We also look forward to sharing more about this exciting initiative with you as it unfolds.

We all have a role to play in Reconciliation. Here are some simple actions you can take:

  1. Read a book by an Indigenous author and learn more about their history and experiences.
  2. Review the 94 calls to action from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s report.
  3. Volunteer or donate to initiatives that support Indigenous communities.

If you would like to learn more about how to support Reconciliation in your workplace, please contact Lisa Rupert at 604 734 5722 | lrupert@ywcavan.org

To support YWCA programs and services for Indigenous women and their children, please contact Kathy Lilyholm at 604 895 5851 | klilyholm@ywcavan.org

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