YWCA Hotel Is Expanding! Here's Why

YWCA Hotel Is Expanding! Here's Why

Friday, July 5, 2019 by Heiky Kwan

A large display with the words “Clang! Sorry! Clang Clang! Really sorry!” hangs curiously on the side of the YWCA Hotel/Residence on Beatty. As passersby and hotel guests walk past the building, smiling at the quintessentially-Canadian gesture of apologizing for everything, including construction noise, they begin to realize that this construction project isn’t just a regular hotel expansion – we are building 65 additional rooms so we can help even more single moms and families in Metro Vancouver. 

Prior to noticing the big colourful signs, passersby wouldn’t have realized that the YWCA Hotel/Residence is a social enterprise operated by YWCA Metro Vancouver. The same goes for locals and hotel guests – many don’t know that by staying at the YWCA Hotel, they are directly supporting the many women, children and families who rely on our programs and services. 

These extra rooms will be vital in continuing to financially support program needs, as well as meeting the increasing demands in the tourism sector in Vancouver.

“This expansion will let us do even more good for our community,” Remarks Arthur Mills, VP of Hotel and Housing at YWCA Metro Vancouver. “However, we know that construction will affect guests’ experience of the hotel. The challenge then, is to offer clear and fun communication to elevate the guests’ experience.”

To do this, we have partnered with One Twenty Three West, a creative agency, to develop communication that encourages guests, local influencers and local business people to embrace the construction as a positive step for the community.

“We couldn’t pretend the construction wasn’t going to be disruptive. We instead sought to reframe the noise as being for a good cause, and worth having a positive attitude about.” said Bryan Collins, Executive Creative Director at One Twenty Three West.

“We want them to understand this is all going towards an amazing cause,” Said Mills.


The construction is projected to finish by July 2020, and we are still open for business during this period.

Want to support us? Next time your friends or relatives are coming to Vancouver, let them know about our hotel/residence located at 733 Beatty off Robson Street.

Budget-friendly, clean and conveniently located, YWCA Hotel/Residence is worth checking into!