Rooftop Garden

YWCA Rooftop Garden: Our Most Beloved Hidden Gem

The Rooftop Garden is one of the YWCA’s most beloved hidden gems. It is a healthy, diverse ecosystem in the middle of downtown Vancouver, and it yields more than 1,500lbs of food each year.

Every morsel goes directly into homemade meals served at YWCA Crabtree Corner Community Centre in the Downtown Eastside and to YWCA child care centres. 

2020 Activity


In early March, volunteers hauled 12 yards of fresh dirt in to enrich the garden. The new soil and an updated irrigation system, thanks to a grant from the Department of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada under the Local Food Infrastructure Fund, had a huge impact, especially on berry yields. YWCA Crabtree Corner Kitchen staff and volunteers have been including fresh raspberries and blackberries in breakfasts, snacks and desserts for program participants. 

Indigenous Roots


The Indigenous plant garden is led by Lori Snyder, who is a Métis herbalist and educator. This medicinal garden includes salal, huckleberries, yarrow, pearly everlasting and tobacco plants. Now that it is established, plants can be harvested and used for educational workshops, cultural connections and ceremonies. 

Garden to Table


The dedicated Master Gardener and volunteers have so far harvested thriving crops of beans and greens (kale and collards), an excellent potato crop, lots of beets and cucumbers and the tomatoes and peppers are ripening. These fresh ingredients are healthy, nutrient-dense and go directly to families who use YWCA services. 

The Rooftop Garden is an incredible resource that benefits the body, mind and soul. We still have $59,900 left to raise so that we can cover our Rooftop Garden’s costs this year. Your donation today provides fresh, nutritious food to local families in need. Can we count on your support so that it thrives for many seasons to come? 

If you would like more information about the YWCA Rooftop Garden or would like to take a tour, please contact Alexandra Dubelko at 604 895 5763 |