Statement: Our Feminism is Trans Inclusive 

Friday, May 7, 2021

YWCA Metro Vancouver enthusiastically welcomes and affirms the inclusion of trans people in our vision of women’s equality. We join the chorus of feminist voices that recognize our movements and organizations should and must welcome trans people. 

Trans people continue to be underrepresented in feminist workplaces and leadership positions. In order to advance equity for all women, we must ensure that the experiences and perspectives of trans women and trans feminine people, as well as Two-Spirit and gender diverse communities, are reflected in our policies, programs and advocacy efforts. 

As a feminist organization, the YWCA re-affirms our unconditional support for trans rights. We are committed to intersectional feminism, which means we acknowledge that inequities related to gender, sexual orientation, race, Indigenous identity and socio-economic status (among other identities) are interrelated and work to compound discrimination and disadvantage experienced by women.  

Trans experience, movements, theories and organizing, especially those led by Black, Indigenous and racialized groups, are essential to understanding intersectional feminism and to advancing equity. 


Photo by Cecilie Johnsen on Unsplash