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I Found My Balance at YWCA Health + Fitness

by Mithila Adri Mim 

YWCA Health + Fitness partners with Simon Fraser University to hire students who want to learn the behind-the-scenes business and operations of a fitness centre. In either four- or eight-month terms, experience gained includes programming, equipment maintenance, scheduling and training, marketing and member services and retention. It is our goal that students have a full and rewarding experience as a member of our team.   


When searching for a co-op opportunity, the YWCA Health + Fitness Centre stood out to me because of its positive reputation and values. However, I didn’t realize how amazing my journey would actually be. 

At the YWCA, I interact with beautiful people of the community. We all share our experiences, laughter and encouragement while attending an array of fitness classes, which help ease the body and provide mental peace.  

I often forget that my journey started during the pandemic because every day I feel welcomed and supported. When gyms were closed, my incredible team continued to put their best foot forward and serve the community safely. There was much anticipation and demand for YWCA Health + Fitness Centre and YWCA Fitness + Racquet Club to reopen. The community missed our facility greatly and staff were excited to welcome everyone back. It was an absolute joy to see members return so happily and I felt proud to contribute to this.  

My responsibilities and tasks vary every day, which keeps me motivated and excited. One of the new things I’ve learned is how to conduct Body Composition testing, which helps members learn about their body.  

Through my employment at YWCA, I have the privilege of taking a variety of group fitness classes. These classes have not just made me fitter in a short period of time, they also are so much fun and gave me the confidence to try new things and push me outside of my comfort zone. Additionally, my swimming ability has progressed significantly from taking lessons. The swimming and fitness instructors are world-class and they pay great attention to the result you want.  

Joining YWCA Health + Fitness, a community-centred facility that focuses on safe and inclusive spaces, has made me find balance in my life. During my time here, I’ve been able to take care of my mental and physical health, connect with amazing people, share experiences, learn new skills and fulfill the components of my wellness wheel. That’s what I call balance! 

Photo: Mithila Adri Mim, Fitness Assistant, YWCA Health + Fitness Centre

To join the Health + Fitness Centre for fitness classes, to book time in the pool or to work out in the gym, contact memberservices@ywcavan.org | 604 895 5777. 



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