Erin Seeley, YWCA Metro Vancouver CEO

CEO Update - Fall 2022

Hello, all – I'm Erin Seeley, YWCA Metro Vancouver’s new CEO. I’ve been at the post for several months now and have been looking forward to introducing myself to you and the wider YWCA community. I’m still so thrilled to have been trusted with this role, and I don’t see the shine wearing off any time soon. 

It has been an exciting introduction to the organization. Like most staff here, I have been incredibly busy. I spent the first few weeks on the job meeting my colleagues, visiting program locations and learning about what the YWCA has accomplished recently and over the last 125 years. There is a tremendous history of services that support women and families, and a lot to understand about the breadth, depth and impact of the YWCA.  

The common thread that I have seen running through it all – from employment services, to child care, to housing, and to our social programs and social enterprises including the Health + Fitness Centre and the Hotel – is a shared passion to create meaningful change and healthier communities.  

Looking ahead, we have already made some meaningful decisions that will direct our organization’s future. The most significant is regarding our next Strategic Plan. Along with input from senior management and the Board, we will be presenting an interim one-year plan for 2023, followed by a longer-term, more robust plan to begin in 2024. This will give myself and our team the opportunity to listen to the community about what they need and how the YWCA can best serve them. 

As I’m sure you know, and as is demonstrated by the stories in the following pages, the strength of the YWCA lies in the relationships we nurture – between staff, with the people we serve and with our community of donors who generously support the work that we do. Because of these relationships, the YWCA has been able to adapt during the pandemic, continuing to provide effective support services, while being financially prudent and forward-thinking. This is a strong network that knows how to weather a storm and to thrive under pressure, and it gives me great hope and excitement for the years ahead. 

We have much on the go, including our three-year advocacy project, City Shift, new housing communities, innovative employment programs, support for Ukrainian mothers and more. 

And there is much to be done. To bring about change, we must work together with determination and heart, with a focus on equitable opportunities, shared growth, healing and reconciliation. I, for one, am energized and ready. 

Thank you for joining us on this journey, and I hope you enjoy this edition of Contact. 


Erin Seeley, CEO YWCA Metro Vancouver 


This article is part of the 2022 Fall/Winter edition of our Contact Newsletter. 
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