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Why More People Are Leaving a Gift to YWCA Metro Vancouver in Their Wills  

The community of YWCA donors is comprised of individuals who are thoughtful, compassionate and dedicated to building a bright and equitable future for women and families. While people often think that monthly donations or volunteering time is the only way to support the issues they care about, more people than ever are committing to leaving a donation in their will (also known as a Legacy Gift) to further their impact. 

Thinking ahead 

In this interconnected world, global events affect us at home and uncertainty about the future can complicate financial decisions. This is one reason why leaving a Legacy Gift has become more popular – because ordinary people have realized they can make a powerful contribution to support future generations without taking away from the resources they or their families need today.  

And the result is (and will be) truly impactful. In fact, if more Canadians left even a small percentage of their estate to non-profit organizations, the sum of these gifts could support organizations like the YWCA well into the future.  

A simple process  

If you are considering a gift in your will, here are a few suggestions to help you get started: 

Calculate your donation. You can determine how much you want to leave to charity, and how much you want your loved ones to receive, with this simple Legacy Calculator tool. 

Discover the tax benefits. A charitable gift in your will can reduce taxes owed, while leaving the same amount of money to heirs. The Canadian government has created some excellent tax incentives to encourage more estate giving.  

Learn more. Our website has simple language to include in your will or ask a financial professional to help you maximize your donation and ensure it works in your favour.  

Who would have thought that a will could be such a powerful tool to change the world? More and more Canadians are harnessing the power of their wills to become philanthropists who inspire others and make an impact on the future.  

To learn how a gift in your will to the YWCA can support women and children, visit or contact JoAnne Fahr at | 604 895 5829 or Shantal Cashman at | 604 895 5859. 



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