Instructor and student at the YWCA Health + Fitness Centre pool

Swim Your Way to Fitness and Fun

The YWCA Health + Fitness Centre offers adult private swim lessons and registered group swim programs. Our 25-meter, UV-purified pool has shared lanes for length swimming and one multi-purpose lane. A hot tub and steam room are also available in the pool area. 

Learning how to swim is a skill you can learn at any point in life, and it is beneficial for many reasons: personal health and fitness, rehabilitating an injury, or being comfortable at the beach or pool. If an emergency happens near the water, knowing how to swim could also prevent serious injury or save a life. 

In terms of exercise, swimming is often overlooked. It’s an incredible workout and a zero-impact sport that improves cardiovascular health, reduces stress and anxiety and boosts confidence. Swimming is also a fun social activity and is suitable for all ages. 

The YWCA registered swim program was designed to support members in meeting their swim goals from beginner to advanced. Our aquatics team members are highly experienced, friendly and supportive; they also take part in swim meets, marathon swim events and truly value sharing their love of swimming with others. 

We also offer adult aquafit classes. These are multi-level so anyone can join, and the watery environment results in a safe, effective workout with minimal impact on the joints. 

We sat down with two members of our aquatics team to gather more insight. They said, “Vancouver is surrounded by water and we have a higher risk of ending up in it, so learning how to swim is extremely important. Swimming is an entry-level and zero-impact sport that we enjoy teaching. It is rewarding to see our members so excited, motivated and open to learning a new activity. We go at the learner’s pace and the environment is inclusive, positive and supportive to all.” 

We also asked members what they liked most about the YWCA’s aquatics programming and pool. One response was, “The atmosphere is inclusive and I have made friendships here. The pool is my happy place and second home.” Another comment was, “The pool has little chlorine, lots of space and dedicated swim lanes. It’s one of the best pools I have ever used!”  

To enroll in YWCA swim lessons or classes, download our mobile app today, or contact the YWCA Health + Fitness Centre at


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