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YWCA Metro Vancouver’s Statement on Gender Affirming Care

At YWCA Metro Vancouver, we believe all people have the right to access safe, respectful and affirming healthcare that acknowledges their gender identity. We firmly denounce the recent surge in hate and discrimination targeting young people who are transgender, non-binary or gender diverse. We stand in solidarity with all gender-diverse people and commit to actively challenging and combating hate whenever and wherever it arises. 

As an organization that serves youth through a range of mentorship and after-school programs, we recognize that gender diversity is a natural and valid aspect of human experience, and we strive to create supportive, gender-inclusive spaces across all our programs. Through our work with Two-Spirit, transgender and gender-diverse youth, we see first-hand the unique challenges these young people face, including higher rates of depression, anxiety, self-harm and social isolation. 

Gender-affirming care, which includes access to appropriate medical interventions, mental health support and social services, is evidence-based, multidisciplinary and inclusive. Many studies show that gender-diverse youth who are supported to explore their gender identity and receive access to gender-affirming care have better health outcomes. 

The YWCA will continue to provide safe and reassuring spaces for all youth, advocate for policies and practices that support gender-diverse youth and provide tools for young people to advocate on their own behalf. We welcome collaboration with like-minded organizations, healthcare providers, policymakers and communities to ensure that all young people can access the care they need and live their lives authentically.