YWCA Gender Equity Committee

Equity Committee Updates 

Racial Equity Committee 

In May, the Racial Equity Committee organized its second annual Cultural Feast. All staff were invited to bring a dish from their cultural heritage to share, and colleagues connected over a delicious array of food from a diverse range of cultures.   

This committee also highlighted the need for training and knowledge about neurodiversity. Rae Morris Consulting led a series of workshops for YWCA staff on incorporating a neurodiversity perspective into practice in the workplace and in working with vulnerable populations.  

The Racial Equity Committee is also working with the Human Resources department to clarify the conflict resolution procedure so that employees feel more informed, safer and supported during the process.   

Gender Inclusion Committee 

The Gender Inclusion Committee organized a fun Pride event in June. Attendees were asked to write messages of support, which were placed on a Progress Pride Flag that will be displayed at the Program Centre. Dozens of YWCA staff and friends came out to show their support. 

In response to the increasing anti-trans rhetoric in media and online, the committee released a statement of support on gender-affirming care for youth that was published on our social media channels and blog. We will continue to advocate on this important issue. 

This committee is creating a Gender Inclusion Toolkit which will describe our standards, guidelines and procedures to support employees who may choose to share gender information at the workplace. This toolkit is meant to cultivate a sense of safety and belonging for trans and gender diverse individuals in the workplace and amongst our clients and program participants. 

Equity Book Clubs 

In June, each committee hosted book clubs to engage YWCA staff across departments in conversation. The titles chosen were: 

  • Five Little Indians by Michelle Good 
  • So You Want to Talk About Race by Ijeoma Oluo  
  • Seeing Gender by Iris Gottlieb 

These online book club gatherings provided a great opportunity for colleagues to participate in open and respectful dialogue and share their thoughts and learnings.  

For more information on our work and IDEA policies, contact Tamara Robertson-Fry at trobertsonfry@ywcavan.org | 604 895 5860.     


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