The Legacy Community: Dayna

Dayna’s appreciation for the work of YWCA Metro Vancouver goes all the way back to the ‘90s when she was working in downtown Vancouver and noticed construction of the new YWCA building on Hornby Street. With a health and fitness centre, child care and women’s programming, she recalls thinking how great it was to see an organization so dedicated to women at the time. 

It was when Dayna became pregnant with her first child several years later that she connected on a more personal level with the YWCA by applying for a spot at the Leslie Diamond Child Care Centre. “The YWCA knew I was pregnant before anyone except my husband,” Dayna laughs. Dayna continued to get to know the YWCA over the years, attending events and gaining respect for YWCA’s work to improve women’s lives. 

Dayna made her first donation in 2001 to the YWCA’s holiday hamper program and has been a monthly donor for more than ten years. 

“Being able to give makes me happy especially knowing that my contribution helps the YWCA to achieve goals that I can’t do on my own.” For her, she appreciates in return the sense of community, knowing that she is part of something bigger and that, together with other donors, she is having a meaningful impact. 

Now 51, a chartered professional accountant, entrepreneur and mother, Dayna has tried to be a strong female role model for her two children. Her 20-year-old daughter, an aspiring Olympic athlete in luge, and her son, a university student, are her biggest cheerleaders. Dayna is proud of them both. 

Recently, Dayna decided to leave a gift in her will to the YWCA. She remembers hearing about legacy giving at various YWCA events and thinking, “This is important; this is an organization I want to be able to support in the future.” She recognizes she is fortunate to be able to look after her family and still include the YWCA in her will and this realization inspired her legacy gift.  

“There shouldn’t be monetary hurdles for people to be the best they can be for their families. And I can do something about that,” she said. 

If you are interested in leaving a gift to the YWCA in your will or for more information on becoming a Legacy Donor, contact Angela Turner at | 604 895 5864. 


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