Connecting the Community Award

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As an artist and arts worker, I support YWCA's Access to Justice initiative. We may crave peace in our daily lives, but it is justice -- reproductive justice, gender justice, disability justice, housing justice -- that is our foundation; it is justice that allows for the creation of an equitable world that we all want to live in.

Alisha Lettman

As a land-based educator, I've seen so many children and young people's lives blossom because of teachers who truly see and nurture their wholeness. I choose to support Early Learning and Child Care because every family deserves culturally-responsive, creative, child-centred education. 

Dr. Amy Salmon

I know, through my work in seniors care, mental health and substance use services, and integrated community care settings, that Advancing Gender Equity is crucial for building resilient health systems. Equity and accessibility in healthcare addresses inequalities in health needs and access to resources, and empowers individuals to make decisions about their health.

Angela Elster M.S.M.

Let’s applaud the YWCA’s Early Learning and Child Care initiative. As an Early Childhood Music Education specialist, I see first-hand that access to quality, affordable early learning and child care is transformational. Many childcare settings include music which builds self-confidence, kindness, equity, collaboration and creativity. Aren’t those the core values we want to foster for generations to come?

Dr. Awneet Sivia

As an educational leader and woman of colour, I acknowledge the challenges that women face in accessing and exercising agency institutions such as schools and universities. I choose to support efforts to Advance Gender Equity because the YWCA Vancouver ‘lifts’ the contributions of women in leadership and highlights their importance in shaping how educational institutions create meaningful change for future generations.

Balqees Jama

As a facilitator, community developer, and student activist, I understand that it's difficult to make progress on anything without having a safe home. I support YWCA's efforts in providing Affordable Housing for Single Mother-led Families who are seeking safety after courageously leaving abuse. Housing security is a gender-equity and human rights issue, and a foundational necessity for building thriving communities.

Bonnie Mah

My coworkers have young families and I see their struggles to not only find child care but affordable child care services.  I choose to support Early Learning and Child Care because YWCA Vancouver advocates for further public investment towards building a universal system that is accessible and affordable for all parents.

Carleen Pauliuk

Advance Gender Equity is not just about balancing the scales; it's about recognizing the inherent dignity of every individual, regardless of gender, and ensuring equal opportunities for all.

Carmen Stossel

As a passionate supporter of the arts and artists, I see how the creative potential of a child is awakened by early experiences with art, crafts and play-based programs like those offered by the YWCA.  Together, we can help nurture our future critical thinkers, communicators, collaborators and creators through supporting access to affordable, high quality Early Learning and Child Care.

Carol Mills

It's difficult for women to navigate the challenges of their professional life and motherhood. Reliable child care is one of the biggest stressors as a parent due to limited facilities and high demand. I choose to support Early Learning and Child Care because YWCA is championing this initiative in a way that creates positive outcomes for children and the economy. 

Dr. Carolyn Gilbert

Starting a long university career in the 1970s, I was very aware of inequities faced by women in appointment, salary, treatment, and career advancement. I support the YWCA's important work with individuals and institutions to change policies and practices to Advance Gender Equity in the workplace.

Catherine Winder

Gender equity, when it comes to compensation, a voice at the table and respectful treatment in the workplace is not always the norm so I chose to model what can be achieved by starting my own female forward studio with equity at its’ core. I support YWCA’s mission to Advance Gender Equity through speaking up, training, and engaging all genders.

Chelsea Minhas

Supporting End Gender-Based Violence programming is investing in a safer, more equitable world. These initiatives empower survivors, educate communities, and challenge beliefs and stigma. By allocating resources to such programs, we actively contribute to dismantling systemic barriers, empowering the next generation, and ultimately creating societies where everyone, regardless of gender, knows they matter and are worth it!

Chloe Goodison

As a youth who is deeply committed to identifying the social determinants of health in our communities, I am choosing to support the delivery of Affordable Housing for Single Mother-led Families. As the costs of living in BC rise, families are struggling to afford housing. In the absence of adequate housing, adverse physical and mental health outcomes become more likely.

Christina Wong

As an advocate for empowering people to overcome barriers, I often witness the challenges faced by women when they try to foster purpose in their lives while struggling with housing. I choose to support Delivering Affordable Housing for Single Mother-led Families because YWCA Vancouver is working to raise awareness of this issue.

Christine Buchanan

As a director for employment and training and chair of the employment accessibility standards technical committee, I see the challenges faced by women and women with disabilities as they try to find meaningful and sustainable employment. I choose to support Advance Gender Equity because YWCA Vancouver is boldly envisioning a just and equitable world for women, families, and allies. 

Christine Mallier

As a sustainability leader who has experienced abuse, I believe that for society to achieve long-term sustainability, we must rectify social injustices, together. I wholeheartedly support Ending Gender-Based Violence and deeply value the YWCA’s work in this area, as it aligns with creating a more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable world that respects the dignity and rights of all individuals.

Dr. Cornelia (Nel) Wieman

As a First Nations woman leader, I am committed to ending gender-based violence, which was found by both BC’s Missing Women Commission of Inquiry and the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls to impact Indigenous women, girls, and 2SLGBTQQIA people at staggeringly disproportionate rates. I commend YWCA Vancouver for its advocacy and work to End Gender-Based Violence.

Daphne Bramham

As a journalist, I learned that gender inequality is at the root of most news stories about women and children - hyper-sexualization, the epidemic of traumatic brain injuries among survivors of domestic violence, homelessness, addiction, unemployment. The YWCA’s advocacy is not only essential, it is at the heart of its work because there is no justice without Advance Gender Equity.

Denise Mullen

Everything is connected and relationships are the glue that binds us. Working in business I see how economic reconciliation and the success of Indigenous women in business is critical for our collective well-being. I choose to support Advance Gender Equity because YWCA is working with women/girls to raise awareness and address equity barriers.

Devon Thompson

One of my early memories after becoming a mother was the realization that I truly needed my family, my friends, and my community to help us raise our children. I've seen firsthand the incredible support YWCA Vancouver provides to support Early Learning and Child Care. I'm grateful that they are committed to helping us build foundations for the leaders of tomorrow.

Dr. Elizabeth Rohrs

As a health researcher, I support YWCA's efforts to Advance Gender Equality. Less than 40% of researchers and health study participants are women. This leads to issues affecting women not being studied as much and women having worse responses such as being subjected to more side effects from medications. Gender equality in health research is essential to improving our collective health.

kihci têpakohp iskotêw iskwêw (Emily Henry)

I selected End Gender-Based Violence as YWCA states, 'Gender-based violence disproportionately impacts Indigenous women and girls, 2SLGBTQIA+ peoples', this is true for my family, my niece was murdered.  Her death is the reason I spent much of my career in the criminal justice system, I believe that we must address gender-based violence so that our people and culture thrive.

Emily Kerr

Locally and globally women and girls face challenges with gender equity.  These challenges include access to education, domestic violence, pay equity, and the motherhood penalty.  I choose to support the YWCA's advocacy to Advance Gender Equity to advance personal, collective, and economic wellbeing in our communities.  Through gender equity, we can achieve a future where everyone can achieve their full potential!

Fatima Hassam

A leader in the social profit health sector, I value the importance of gender equity for the wellbeing of our communities. I’m committed to parity in funding for underserved women’s health research, equitable access to care, and amplifying women's contributions in science. True diversity and inclusion requires equity; YWCA’s commitment to Advance Gender Equity encompasses tangible solutions for meaningful change.

Forum Bhanshali

Throughout my career, I have consistently witnessed the underrepresentation of women in the scientific community. This awareness drives my support for Advance Gender Equity. YWCA Metro Vancouver's dedication to policy reform and inclusivity is creating a diverse and dynamic scientific landscape. Their efforts are empowering women and inspiring future generations to pursue excellence in STEM

Geena Jackson (Tsetasiya)

Having witnessed firsthand the detrimental intergenerational effects of gender-based violence, I support YWCA’S initiative to End Gender-Based Violence.  I have made it my mission as a woman and an artist to use my work to remove barriers and create safe spaces for oppressed young people.

Hayley Woodin Hastings

Empowering women through access to justice is a commitment to equality. Programs such as those offered by YWCA Vancouver are critical given how expensive, complicated and time-consuming it can be to navigate the legal system. I choose to support Access to Justice because it is a fundamental right that should reach all of us, regardless of circumstance.

Heather Keith

As a mother of three, I see firsthand the challenges faced by women as they try to maintain and career and raise young children. I choose to support Early Learning and Child Care because YWCA Vancouver advocates for public investment in child care to support women and families, help children thrive, and strengthen the economy.

Heather Wilson

As one of the few women leaders in the male-dominated firefighting industry, I am passionate about Advance Gender Equity and sharing the possibility that women can be Chiefs too!!  The phrase “If You Can See It, You Can Be It” drives me to increase awareness and opportunities for women into a safe, respectful, and equitable career in the fire service.

Hemanya Sharma

As a young leader who has advocated for gender equality in STEM, I have taken action to empower young girls and work towards gender equity. I have seen the STEM gender gap through my own experiences and choose to support YWCA Vancouver's initiative to Advance Gender Equity, as I believe everyone deserves an opportunity to do what they love.

Irene Dorsman

The current underrepresentation of women in early-stage investing explains the meager 3% of investment dollars going to women-led businesses, despite the fact that over 40% of businesses are women-owned! I am very motivated to change that and therefore support YWCA’s advocacy of Advance Gender Equity because when women’s perspectives are part of more decisions, we all profit.

Irene Elhaimer

As a woman who has made it her life's work to advocate and provide essential services for those escaping and healing from violence, I strongly align with YWCA's steadfast dedication to creating a future that is free and End Gender-Based Violence. It is an honour to contribute as a partner in transforming the conditions for women and girls in Canada.

Dr. Jacquelyn Cragg

As a scientist and mother of three, I understand the challenges faced by women trying to balance careers and childcare. I choose to support Early Learning and Child Care because YWCA Vancouver has played a vital role in supporting these critical community needs. My family has been so lucky to have benefitted from their amazing early childhood teams.

Jag Nagra

As a queer Punjabi woman, I see every day as an opportunity to Advance Gender Equity and LGBTQ+ rights and to represent those who are often left out of mainstream storytelling. Through my art and my voice, my aim is to to help shape a culture where acceptance and equity is the norm.

Jennica Grienke

Having witnessed firsthand the detrimental intergenerational effects of gender-based violence, I support YWCA’S initiative to End Gender-Based Violence.  I have made it my mission as woman and an artist to use my work to remove barriers and create safe spaces for oppressed young people.

Jennifer Cudlipp, CPA, CGA

As a lifelong resident of BC and mother of two children, we owe it to future generations to prioritize and Deliver Affordable Housing for Single Mother-led Families and other equity-seeking groups. Our collective commitment to this cause is a crucial investment that can lay the groundwork of success for future generations.

Jessica Regan

In the food recovery space, I witness the stark, and avoidable, inequity in people's access to affordable, nutritious food—a fundamental human right. I choose to support Access to Justice because it is the cornerstone for dismantling these disparities and fostering social and economic justice for all."

Dr. Joanie Sims Gould

Our aging population requires that we Advance Gender Equity through the lens of ageism to protect and promote the health, safety and well being of older people. As a feminist scientist, I highlight and address the double jeopardy of gender inequity and ageism in our society through research and community-based advocacy.

Joanna Jagger

I started WORTH Association to advocate for women working in recreation, tourism and hospitality. YWCA has paved the way for organizations like mine to speak up, engage with stakeholders and research issues impacting self-identifying women and girls. I support YWCA's tireless efforts to Advance Gender Equity.

Judith Pyke

I am a filmmaker who is also a mother. I choose to support Early Learning and Child Care because the work being done in this area helps support gender equality and benefits children’s lives now and in the future.

Julie Walchli

Throughout my career I've worked to Advance Gender Equity by innovating workplace learning programs for UBC students, particularly those in the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Creative and Performing Arts, many of whom are from equity deserving groups. I am motivated to help all students reach their full potential by designing meaningful paths through their university experiences and after graduation.

Dr. Julie Wilson

Championing to Advance Gender Equity , Dr. Julie Wilson mirrors YWCA Vancouver’s mission by offering flexible work, 1 year 100% top-up maternity leave, and promoting inclusive policies. We support women’s careers through comprehensive benefits, collaboration, and accessibility, making significant strides in advancing women’s professional growth (winning the 2023 Stevie Award for this). At our clinics we dismantle the barriers preventing women's success.

Karen Dosanjh

As a woman in a leadership in business and the community, I support the YWCA’s Advancing Gender Equity Initiative. I believe that women have a right to equal employment opportunities, fair pay and roles in leadership to ensure our voices are heard and gender equity is a reality for future generations entering the workforce. When women and girls rise, entire communities rise with them.

Katerina Anastasiadis

As a young girl my father taught me the importance of becoming an independent woman and role of education for success.  That wisdom propelled my career and is the driving force behind my support of women's leadership and youth mentorship.  I choose to Advance Gender Equity, core to the YWCA, knowing how everyone can make life changing impacts this way.

Dr. Kathleen Ross

I support YWCA’s goal to Advance Gender Equity. Empowering women begins in their youth. As a Physician, community leader and avid Girl Guides and Rotary International volunteer, I live my values of bringing women and girls together, sharing, role modelling and building health and economic independence locally and globally -unlocking potentials, creating a future where everyone can thrive and lead.

Dr. Laura Housden

As a healthcare provider in Indigenous health and as an NP leader, I continue to witness firsthand the significant negative impacts of current and intergenerational gender-based violence on Indigenous and 2SLGBTQIA+ individuals, families and communities. I support the YWCA’s efforts to End Gender-Based Violence and create a safer and healthier community for everyone.

Lauren Kelly

As an aspiring ally and white woman with privilege, it is our responsibility to contribute to the Truth and Reconciliation movement alongside Indigenous Peoples. Together with YWCA's work to support Access to Justice, our collective efforts can contribute to advancing systems change that fosters justice and equity in this country.

Lisa Clark

Being employed nearly two decades in male dominated professions, I support the YWCA advocacy area to Advance Gender Equity, through leading opportunities to promote diversity, inclusion and equality for everyone in society, therefore making our communities stronger. I promote gender equity through mentoring, hiring, training, advocacy in crisis, and team-based approaches, including proudly volunteering with the notable Achieve Anything Foundation.

Lisa Oleson

As a mom and a CFO, I clearly see the need for affordable housing across BC amid a housing crisis that disproportionately affects single women and their families. I believe a safe, secure and affordable place to call home is a fundamental human right so I choose to support YWCA Vancouver in Delivering Affordable Housing for Single Mother-led Families.

Lorna Nimmons

With my personal experience of forging a career in a male-dominated sector, I have vowed to build a more equitable environment for future female leaders throughout my career. My choice of ' Advance Gender Equity ' stems from YWCA Vancouver's commitment to systematically advocate and change policies for gender equity in collaboration with business, community, and government leaders.

Dr. Louise St. Pierre

As a former resident in the Downtown Eastside, I saw first hand how difficult life was for single mothers. Housing is essential to their ability to support themselves and their families. I strongly support the YWCA's efforts to provide Affordable Housing for Single Mother-led Families.

Dr. Love-Ese Chile

Women, especially women of colour, are underrepresented in STEM and sustainability. Yet, those who show up often lead innovative environmental and social justice projects. I work within Canada's circular bioeconomy to divert waste while creating opportunities for young female scientists. Alongside YWCA Vancouver, I Advance Gender Equity, dismantling barriers and fostering inclusive environments where future female leaders can thrive.

Dr. Lynne Tomlinson

As an educator in the K-12 and post-secondary sectors in BC, I have seen how important it is to support Early Learning and Child Care in rural and remote communities. I am deeply committed to providing resources and funding to develop community programs that will promote accessibility and care for vulnerable families and improve the life chances of every child.

Maria Howard

I believe in inclusive communities; a place where basic needs are met and lives are transformed. That's why I support Affordable Housing for Single Mother-led Families. Providing wraparound support to people in crisis is essential and will end the cycle of poverty and trauma. When people feel supported, have access to necessities like housing; they can focus on their future.

Mariat Jibril

As a resilient force, I am a survivor of gender-based violence, a single mother, and advocate for diversity. Through mentoring, I empower young women to realize their potential. Supporting YWCA's initiative to End Gender-Based Violence, I champion positive mental health for all. My purpose? Transforming adversity into triumph, lighting the path for a brighter, inclusive future.

Marie Babisky

As an advocate for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women , I am committed to support Access to Justice for women, particularly within the YWCA, drawing from my personal experience as an Indigenous woman who grew up with limited resources. Recognizing the flaws in the justice system, I’m dedicated to advocating for comprehensive justice services for women who have similar challenges.

Marissa Nobauer

We are making strides in advancing reconciliation, but transformative change will not occur until the systems and structures that normalize and deprioritize the epidemic of gender-based violence faced by Indigenous women, girls and gender fluid people are dismantled. YWCA is actively working to create that change and this is why I choose to support YWCA's work to End Gender-Based Violence.

Marn Norwich

As a facilitator of women’s writing-as-healing workshops, I’m constantly aware of the extent to which women’s trauma has its basis in gender inequity. I support the YWCA’s Advance Gender Equity, with its emphasis on political advocacy, girls’ and women’s services, opposition to gender-based violence, sexualization and the gender care gap; organizational partnerships; and engaging men in this vital work.

Mary Gerges

Given my work in the housing sector, I am acutely aware of the critical state of housing affordability and diminished stock. This disproportionately impacts those most vulnerable in our communities. I choose the YWCA's program focus on "Delivering Affordable Housing for Single Mother-led Families". Helping vulnerable mothers secure housing is a critical first step toward personal and economic empowerment.

Dr. Maryam Zeineddin 

I support Advance Gender Equity in line with the YWCA's mission to promote wellbeing. Gender equity has been my Northstar as a mother of two girls and a family doctor for 20 years. I've witnessed the suffering among female patients in a system that did not support equity of care. Women need to feel heard when advocating for their health.

Me-An Laceste

As a first generation immigrant, a minority woman, a single mother with a transgender daughter, a victim and a witness of domestic abuse, I choose to support End Gender-Based Violence because YWCA Vancouver is working with businesses, communities, and government leaders, in not only ensuring a safe and supportive environment for women but also towards their economic empowerment and stability.

Dr. Melissa Lem

As a family physician who works and advocates at the intersection of health and the environment, I choose to support Advancing Gender Equity because women’s mental and physical health are disproportionately affected by the increasing burdens of pollution and climate change. YWCA Vancouver’s collaborative work for justice and equity enables women and families to thrive in a changing world.

Mia Fiona Kut

As an advocate for fair representation for women, I've seen and experienced the challenges faced by women in the workforce due to race, class, and ability. I choose to support YWCA's efforts to Advance Gender Equity and stand behind YWCA's hands-on work in engaging community leaders to advocate for policy changes and supporting both women and men to achieve gender equity.

Michelle Di Tomaso

After finding a gap in Breast Screening Practices I know the importance of a woman knowing her breast density and given the essential screening she requires. Learning that only 8% of research dollars are allocated towards women’s health, I choose to support YWCA's efforts to Advance Gender Equity and am encouraged that they are focused on closing the gender care gap.

Naina Grewal

As Radio Host with Red FM and Writer with Darpan Magazine, I am deeply committed to support Access to Justice. Through the power of media, I strive to raise awareness on the critical issues surrounding gender equality and advocate for legal reforms. By amplifying voices and shedding light on social challenges, we contribute to the pursuit of justice for all.

Nalini Bhui

As a dedicated community volunteer, I wholeheartedly support programs with a focus in the areas of well-grounded Early Learning and Child Care. This is to enable education and avenues for youth to grow up with a strong sense of community. YWCA Vancouver continues to build programs and partnerships to make this affordable.

Nancy Wingham

Empowering women isn't just a choice; it's a commitment to a thriving community. As a mother and entrepreneur, I champion gender equality, recognizing its pivotal role in fostering a prosperous and healthy economy. Supporting the Advance Gender Equity reflects my dedication, aligning with YWCA Vancouver's mission to create opportunities for women to thrive in all facets of life.

Dr. Natalie Chan

YWCA Vancouver is championing universal childcare; I wholeheartedly support Early Learning and Childcare because it provides a reliable foundation for children's development and enables parents, especially women, to pursue career opportunities with fewer financial constraints. This support is crucial in promoting gender equality and allowing families to break cycles of poverty by investing in their future and the broader economy.

Nicole Taylor

I support the important Advance Gender Equity work that the YWCA makes a priority encouraging communities to participate in policy changes, hard conversations around violence and sexualization and most of all, partner with diverse organizations who value gender equality and diversity to create a strong, supportive movement in community.  This is how we make change and get people to start listening!

Orene Askew (DJ O Show)

As an Entrepreneur in a male-dominated industry, I see how women are faced with un-equal challenges of opportunity. I choose to support Advance Gender Equity because YWCA Vancouver is working to create awareness and changes to this issue by providing impeccable networks and services that are all on the same page in the fight to Advance Gender Equity.

Pauline Martin

As owner of a business that employs 45 women I understand the need mothers have for a safe place to call home. The housing crisis in Vancouver makes this extremely challenging. I support Deliver Affordable Housing for Single Mother-led Families because the YWCA is working to provide safe, secure housing that is affordable and accessible for women and their families

Raheil Moradi

As an educator & community leader, I witness the profound impact of early childhood education & childcare on shaping future generations. By advocating for accessible childcare, we empower women to pursue their careers while nurturing the potential of our youth. YWCA's dedication to Advancing Gender Equity through quality childcare aligns with my passion for creating an inclusive & prosperous society.

Ramya Hosak

My work with healthcare non-profits and on the Fraser Health Authority board shows me everyday that housing is healthcare. I'm supporting YWCA Vancouver's mission to Deliver Affordable Housing for Single Mother-led Families - ultimately providing the personal and economic security families need to ensure stability for their children, freeing up resources for food and other essentials proven to improve health outcomes.

Dr. Renee Fernandez

Advancing Gender Equity and reproductive rights is key to my work as a healthcare advocate. As patients, women and gender-diverse people face barriers in accessing care. As healthcare workers, we face discrimination, harassment, and a sizeable gender pay gap. The YWCA Vancouver 's programs and advocacy are building a just and equitable world for women, gender-diverse people, and allies.

Rhonda Larrabee

Indigenous cultural awareness was largely unrecognized in New Westminster in the 1990's. I reached out to students & residents in the community and taught the history of our ancestors who resided on the Fraser River in their community for thousands of years. I support Access to Justice as the YWCA helps women facing the justice system overcome many barriers.

Rosa Quintana Lillo

As an artist and arts worker, I support YWCA's Access to Justice initiative. We may crave peace in our daily lives, but it is justice -- social justice, environmental justice, distributive justice, restorative justice -- that is our foundation; it is justice that allows for the creation of an equitable world that we all want to live in.

Sandeep Johal

As a visual artist I tell the stories of women, who are no longer here to speak for themselves, to honour their memories, create awareness, and effect positive change. I support YWCA Vancouver's efforts to End Gender-Based Violence because they are not only making an impact through hands on support, but also through research and legislative reform.

Sarah Hoffman

As a health equity advocate, I've witnessed the challenges British Columbians face in accessing high-quality healthcare. I support Advancing Gender Equity with the work Pacific Blue Cross is doing, supporting women through different life stages-from fertility, new parenthood to midlife-by designing health benefits that ensure all women have access to the highest quality healthcare when and how they need it.

Sarah McIntosh

No one can escape or avoid violence without a safe place to call home. We know we must Deliver Affordable Housing for Single Mother-led Families. Through our programs at Atira and our partnership with Pan-Canadian Voice for Women’s Housing, we intend to do just that.

Seema Tripathi

As a woman who has had the opportunity, space and encouragement to be the person I wanted to be, as a mother who thinks no different for my girls. I choose to support  ' Advance Gender Equity ' as  I consider women's rights to be a basic human right and holding back women means holding back the whole of humankind.

Dr. Shazhan Amed

My purpose is to inspire people to thrive, with a focus on Advancing Gender Equity. I am committed to amplifying the voices of all women - irrespective of race, class, sexual orientation, or ability. I aspire to contribute to 'shattering the glass ceiling' by eradicating the biases and stereotypes that hinder the advancement of women.

Sobhana Jaya-Madhavan

As a mother and servant leader, I am passionate about human rights. I choose to support Access to Justice because YWCA Vancouver is working hard to raise awareness of this issue as they challenge the status quo and work hard to provide direct services and supports to women in need, and help create a just society.  

Stephanie Quon

Access to quality, affordable Early Learning and Child Care improves social development and educational outcomes. I choose to support early learning and childcare because because YWCA Metro Vancouver advocates for public investment in child care to support women and families.

Dr. Tamara Shenkier

As a medical oncologist at a teaching institution, I have seen the many challenges female trainees and colleagues experience in their pursuit of excellence and influence. Therefore I choose to support Advancing Gender Equity, with programs dedicated to changing practices, policies and culture. Our future female leaders need our support.

Tiara Abuedochi Cash

As a scholar-practitioner working to support individuals through life transitions, I see the impact that having transitional and permanent housing could have in boosting happiness, thriving, resilience and overall well-being. I support the Vancouver YWCA's advocacy and action to Deliver Affordable Housing for Single Mother-led Families.

V. Victoria Shroff, KC

Women continue to face an alarming rate of gender-based violence. As a lawyer-educator, I see the myriad challenges women face navigating through the justice system with their families, including their animals. I support Access to Justice because YWCA Vancouver works tirelessly to bring awareness to these serious issues in addition to providing direct services to women to help them succeed.

Vivian Eliopoulos

As a leader who believes in supporting equity at Vancouver Coastal Health, I am committed to creating a safe and inclusive environment that is welcoming for all, particularly for equity-seeking populations. I choose to Advance Gender Equity to challenge the status quo and break down barriers to improve our health-care system for our people and the diverse communities we serve.

Vivien Jean Symington

As a business owner I choose to support YWCA Advance Gender Equity by empowering children/youth of all abilities to reach for their dreams. We are a team that works together to ensure we are a great place to work and play and to inspire new initiatives to build brighter futures for all participants regardless of gender or ability.

Dr. Xiaoxiao Li

As a researcher and educator specializing in machine learning for healthcare, I support YWCA’s Advance Gender Equity - equitable access to reproductive healthcare and support for individuals with disabilities serve as the cornerstones of a healthier society. Reliable algorithms drive innovation in healthcare, fostering justice in these areas empowers us to create a world where everyone can access quality healthcare solutions.

Dr. Yabome ‘Satia’ Gilpin-Jackson

I am here, because of a grandfather who defied traditions and sent my mother, an ethnic girl who wouldn’t have been educated, to school in colonized Sierra Leone; and parents with dreams for all their children. Let’s keep defying traditions and Advance Gender Equity. In a world with 50% women and girls, gender-based inequities continue to harm all of us.