• YWCA Elevate Skills

YWCA Elevate Skills is a FREE employment program that assists immigrant women in navigating the Canadian labour market and securing meaningful careers. 

Program Highlights:

  • Three weeks of part-time in-class workshops
  • Essential skills portfolio building 
  • Essential skills training (if necessary) 
  • One-to-one career advising
  • Career development workshops on the Canadian labour market and job search strategies
  • 13 weeks of follow up support
  • Financial assistance for transit (for eligible participants)

Eligible participants:

  • Immigrant women who are permanent residents in Canada
  • Unemployed or employed
  • Must have post-secondary education (complete or incomplete)

Program start date: January 20, 2020

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YWCA Elevate Skills
WorkBC Port Coquitlam
Unit 206 - 2540 Shaughnessy St, Port Coquitlam
778 222 2352 | elevateskills@ywcavan.org


What our participants are saying:

The most outstanding thing I gained from this program is the support group I have built with fellow ladies going through similar situations. Another is the enormous knowledge acquired across essential areas in career development which has enabled me to review my career plans. Before the end of the program, I was called upon for two interviews after implementing the knowledge acquired.

- Tracy A., participant from Nigeria

The Essential Skills assessment made me aware of my skills and helped me get out of the shell thinking 'I don’t know anything'. It helped me show my capabilities in what an employer is looking for.

- Anitha D., participant from India

I recommend this program to all women who feel lost in this new country and want to succeed in their life.

- Anna S., participant from Korea

Elevate Skills is an awesome program. It helped me to meet people like me, who are strugglers. It helped me to elevate my educational and professional skills. Now my vision is clearer.

- Shalini S., participant from India