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Employment Navigator

YWCA Employment Navigator services help single mothers access resources and education during the pre-employment and employment stages, empowering them with the tools and skills necessary to overcome barriers and achieve financial independence for their families.

  • One-to-one, personalized support and needs assessment
  • Workshops on employment, funding opportunities and more
  • Participants receive detailed information about bursaries, scholarships and government funding opportunities
  • Referrals to employment programs and other services
  • Together with the Employment Navigator, participants develop a roadmap and action plan to achieve economic independence

Connect with Jen or fill out our registration form below to gain insight into funding opportunities for post secondary education and discuss your employment needs.

Jennifer Zakaib, Employment Navigator | | 604 312 0483

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Not ready for employment or training?

If finding a job or going back to school is your dream but you are not ready, the Employment Navigator Pre-Employment Service (ENPS) is here to assist and empower you. We provide a safe, supportive and caring space as a bridge to your career pathway. 

•    One-to-one support
•    Coaching 
•    Assistance with completing forms such as housing and Affordable Child Care Benefit applications
•    Assistance with identifying your strengths 
•    Monthly group-based virtual Café meet ups: empowering personal development and life skills workshops including self-esteem and confidence, building resiliency, self-advocacy, communication skills and more. 
•    Referrals to community resources
•    Special events with guest speakers

Flexible schedule - appointments can be during the day, evenings or weekends.

To get support, contact Mabel or fill out our registration form.

Mabel Taunu, Pre-Employment Case Manager/Life Skills Facilitator - | 778 554 6704

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Single mothers who live in Metro Vancouver or the Fraser Valley and have a desire to achieve employment.

For general program information and inquiries, contact Christine Jang, Program Manager | | 604 866 5775


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