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YWCA Housing Action Fund

In Canada, housing is a basic human right. Yet in one of the wealthiest countries in the world, safe, affordable housing has never been less accessible. 


British Columbia’s high housing costs are hitting people from all walks of life, from young professionals who can’t afford down payments, to students and low-income renters, to people living in tents who are afraid they will die homeless.

- Marie-Josée Houle, Canada’s Federal Housing Advocate(1)

YWCA Metro Vancouver owns and operates 15 safe, affordable housing communities for single moms and their children. More are currently being constructed and it is crucial to sustain this momentum. 

Housing is the foundation for achieving an equitable world; affordable options are essential for women to leave violence, to pursue education and employment opportunities and to build the lives that they envision for themselves. 

While governments are working to come up with long-term solutions, women and families need action now. Your support of the YWCA Housing Action Fund will help women who are parenting alone find economic stability so that they can work toward their goals and dreams and help their children thrive. 

The YWCA Housing Action Fund will support our newest housing communities as well as create funding pathways for new projects in partnership with developers and government. Your donation to this critical fund will let women parenting alone know they are not alone.

Please join with us

Together, we can offer single moms and their children a safe and affordable home and a bright future.



(1) Vancouver Sun – September 21, 2022 “B.C. posts Canada’s highest unaffordable housing rate, homeless fear death on streets”