Women of Distinction Awards Nominations FAQ

Have a question about the Women of Distinction Awards nominations process? Please review our most commonly-asked questions before getting in touch with us.

Q: Can I save my work in the YWCA Women of Distinction online nomination form and come back to finish it later?

A:  Yes, you can save your work in the online form by creating an account.


Q: Can I nominate my YWCA Women of Distinction Award candidate in more than one award category?

A:  You may only nominate a candidate in one category. Many nominees may fit several categories, but we ask that you choose the category that is most applicable to the specific work or achievement that you are nominating her for.


Q: Why does the YWCA Women of Distinction Award nominee have to attend a photoshoot?

A: We require specific headshots of the nominees, which we use for promotion and marketing materials. The photos are taken by a professional photographer.


Q: What is the summary of nomination?

A:  We use this information to create the nominee’s short bio for our event materials. Please use clear and concise language to describe your nominee’s most notable highlights and keep the word count to a maximum of 120 words.


Q: What kind of volunteer activities should I include in criteria 3 (being a leader and role model)?

A: Include volunteer activities that are relevant to the field the nominee is in.


Q: How long can the letters of support be?

A: Letters of support must not exceed one letter-sized page (8.5 X 11), single-sided. If the letters exceed this, the judges may not read them.


Q: Who should I ask to write a letter of support?

A: The most effective letters come from a variety of supports including: work, clients, industry associations and volunteer organizations.


Q: Can a nominator write a letter of support?

A: No, a nominator cannot write a letter of support.  Letters of support must be written by a third party to the nomination.


Q: How many letters of support may I submit?

A: It is mandatory that you submit exactly three letters of support. If you have more than three letters we advise you to submit the strongest three.


Q: How should the letters of support be presented?

A: The letters should be well formatted, professional and easy to read. If the font is less than 10pt, the judges may not read them.


Do you have a question about nominations that we haven’t answered? Please contact Jena Fair at 604 895 5768 |