Early Learning and Child Care FAQs

Thank you for your interest in our YWCA early learning and child care centres. Please review these frequently asked questions for more information on applications, eligibility and waitlists.

General Inquiries

What centres does the YWCA operate?

The YWCA operates 4 early learning and child care centres in Vancouver:

  • Leslie Diamond Early Learning and Care Centre: Located in Downtown Vancouver for children ages 6 weeks to 3 years
  • Emma’s Early Learning and Care Centre: Located in East Vancouver for children ages 6 weeks to 3 years
  • Crabtree Corner Early Learning and Care Centre: Located in the Downtown Eastside for children ages 6 weeks to 6 years
  • Citygate Early Learning and Care Centre: Located in Vancouver near Olympic Village for children ages 3 to 5 years

When can I visit the YWCA centres for a tour?

We provide open house style drop-in tours regularly

  • Leslie Diamond and Citygate:
    First Tuesday of the month from 10:30am to 12:00 noon.
    (If the first Tuesday falls on a holiday, the tour will be held on the first Wednesday).
  • Emma’s Tour:
    By appointment only. Please contact this center at 604-879-1121 to request a tour.

Do you offer part time child care?

Unfortunately, no. 

Fees and costs

What are the monthly fees for your centres?

As of September 1, 2016 until August 31, 2017:

  • Leslie Diamond: $ 1,482.00
  • Emma’s: $  1,236.00
  • Citygate: $  902.00
  • Crabtree: drop in centre for families in the downtown eastside. Fees are not applicable.


Is it possible to visit the centres before I complete the waitlist application form?

Once you've read the FAQs and before you complete the waitlist application, you are encouraged to visit our centres to decide which ones you are interested in.

How long does it take from the time I put my child's name on the waitlist until I am offered a space?

This is difficult to predict because it varies from centre to centre and there are many factors impacting the waitlists. Generally the waitlist time is about 14 to 18 months.

Once my child is attending Leslie Diamond or Emma's, will they automatically be on Citygate's waitlist?

No. Families must complete a waitlist application indicating that they want their child to go on to Citygate's waitlist.

Once my child is attending a YWCA centre, are we guaranteed a space in an older group?

Infants attending an infant/toddler centre will be guaranteed a toddler space and automatically graduate into the toddler side as other toddlers leave the centre. This means that children who are over the age of 15 months and not attending a YWCA centre will not be kept on our waitlist because there is no chance of them getting a toddler space.

Children who graduate from the toddler centre are not guaranteed space in Citygate for 3 to 5 year-olds as there may not be space available at the time. Children typically leave Citygate between May and September when they enter kindergarten.

How do I know if I am on the waitlist?

Once you have submitted your waitlist applicaton online, you will receive an automatic response acknowledging a receipt. Please keep this written confirmation and make note of the date you received it. 

How do I know where I am on the waitlist?

Please do not call. However, you may email mikeda@ywcavan.org two months before you need the space to check on your status. Checking in within two months will give you a better idea of space availability.

How will I know if I have a space?

When a space becomes available and you are at the top of the list, YWCA staff will call you to offer the space. We aim to give you at least a month’s notice whenever possible. Occasionally spaces will become available unexpectedly and we may not be able to offer much advance notice before needing to fill it.  Once you have been offered a space, you'll have 24 hours to respond. If we don't hear from you within 24 hours, we'll move to the next child on the waitlist.