Universal early learning and child care

Today, 1 out of every 3 BC children arrive at kindergarten without the developmental benchmarks they need to thrive now and in the future. Affordable access to quality early learning and child care is central to our mission for providing better futures for women and their families. 

We advocate for public investment in a national child care system that is accessible for everyone in order to:

  • Support the healthy development of children
  • Build a strong economy
  • Achieve women’s equality

A quality universal early learning and child care system will not only help individual families and children, it is also a sound economic investment.

  • Studies show that public spending on quality, universal early learning and child care is an investment that returns upwards of $2 for every $1 spent.
  • Providing a universal child care system increases mothers’ participation in the labour force, contributing to their long-term economic security, higher tax revenue yields and fewer labour shortages.
  • Research shows that children who receive high-quality child care need less public funds later in life for education, employment and social programs.
  • High-quality child care leads to improved social development, educational attainment and labour force participation.

We have worked hard to establish YWCA Metro Vancouver as a credible leading voice on this complex issue. Through engaging government, informing the business community and public education, we are building support for a new policy framework for families. 

We will continue to collaborate with key partners, like the University of British Columbia’s Human Early Learning Partnership (HELP), the BC Coalition of Childcare Advocates and YWCA Canada.

YWCA Metro Vancouver operates a range of subsidized and unsubsidized early learning and child care centres to serve the needs of families. Learn more

Are you a parent, business or service provider that values accessible child care?  Support the development of a universal early learning and child care system by endorsing the Coalition of Childcare Advocates’ Community Plan for a Public System of Integrated Early Care and Learning.