Week Without Violence

Each year during the third week of October, Canadians bond with people in over 90 countries around the world to mark YWCA’s Week Without Violence™.

We are entering this year’s Week Without Violence with anguish and disbelief. Even in the face of a post-#MeToo era, we saw just recently how society values a man's reputation over a woman's experience. 

We #BelieveHer, but we need more than retweets to change culture.

This Week Without Violence, we're calling on our allies. We need YOU to fight against a culture that tolerates violence against women.

You can help us end everyday violence against women and girls. Join us for YWCA Week Without Violence this October 15-21, 2018. Follow along on our blog or join the conversation on Facebook or Twitter

Learn more about how YWCA Metro Vancouver is supporting women who are experiencing violence and/or leaving abusive relationships. If you have experienced abuse and violence, please visit our Violence Prevention Services page.