Week Without Violence

Each year during the third week of October, Canadians bond with people in over 90 countries around the world to mark YWCA’s Week Without Violence.

We are entering this year’s Week Without Violence with anguish and disbelief. Even in the face of a post-#MeToo era, we saw just recently how society values a man's reputation over a woman's experience. 

We #BelieveHer, but we need more than retweets to change culture.

This Week Without Violence, we're calling on our allies. We need YOU to fight against a culture that tolerates violence against women.

You can help us end everyday violence against women and girls. Join us for YWCA Week Without Violence this October 15-21, 2018. Follow along on our blog or join the conversation on Facebook or Twitter

Learn more about how YWCA Metro Vancouver is supporting women who are experiencing violence and/or leaving abusive relationships. If you have experienced abuse and violence, please visit our Violence Prevention Services page.