• Play-based learning at the YWCA

Learning through play at the YWCA


We deliver a play-based curriculum at the YWCA’s early learning and care centres across Vancouver.

Learning through play is recognized as the most natural method of learning and is the centerpiece of kindergarten programs across British Columbia.

Why play-based learning?

It’s widely accepted that there is a strong link between play and learning. Play teaches children how to problem-solve, make friends, express themselves, decode social behaviours and recognize letters and numbers. All of these skills form the foundation of a love of learning.

There is evidence that neural pathways in children’s brains are influenced and advanced in their development through exploration, thinking skills and language expression that occur during play.
Play is instrumental for the emotional, social, cognitive and physical growth and overall well-being of children.

Who supports play-based learning?

Play-based learning is supported by the Council of Ministers of Education of Canada, the United Nations, scientists, teachers and other experts. Kindergartens across British Columbia now apply a curriculum of play-based learning.

Want to learn more about the kinds of play-based learning activities and exercises we teach at our YWCA early learning and child care centres? Read our blog post on play-based learning activities.