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Power in numbers: Cultivating community with YWCA Single Mothers' Support groups


The YWCA is proud to offer a number of support groups for single moms across Metro Vancouver - from Downtown to Abbotsford. 

These groups run weekly and are a chance for single moms to get together, share resources, support one another and build a community. Free child care is offered during the meetings and groups are made up of moms who become ‘members’ and commit to coming each week. Groups are run by a facilitator and cover everything from the serious to the silly.

Moms who participate in support groups are also invited to share in special events like our Mother’s Day Tea, Christmas Hamper program, Single Moms Conference and more!

We wanted to share an interview with one of our moms, Stephanie, who chatted with us about why the single moms' support group works for her.

YWCA: What made you want to join a single moms’ support group?

Stephanie: I was looking for support from someone in a similar situation. I’d recently had my baby and didn’t really have any friends that were on their own at the time.  I remember feeling so relieved my first week when another mom described some emotions she experienced. They were so similar to mine, I thought, “Oh thank goodness, I’m not the only one!”

YWCA: What is the best part of your group?

Stephanie: By far it’s the friends that I’ve met. We meet outside of group, we help each other out and best of all—we know that if we need someone, one of us will be there. A close second are the child-minders. There are some days when I come through that door and the ladies instantly take my daughter and tell me to go relax. Sometimes it’s the only break I get all week, and I look forward to it every day. I can’t imagine my life without it.  

YWCA: What do you think you’ve gained or learned from your experience with the group?

Stephanie: First off, I learned that I’m not alone. There are so many other woman experiencing the same emotions and difficulties.  But I learn something new every week; it might be a new perspective from another mom, budgeting tips, meal planning, fitness ideas or makeup lessons. We’ve learned so much!

YWCA: Has your daughter benefitted from the group?

Stephanie: She has made friends that she asks about each week. It’s a fun night out for her and it keeps her mommy sane!


Some of our groups are currently accepting new members! If you’re a single mom in need of support and community please contact our Family Resource Workers, Tessa at 604-895-5849 or Jenn 604-619-5276 for more information.

YWCA Single Mothers' Support programs in Abbotsford, Aldergrove, Maple Ridge, Surrey and the Tri-Cities are fully funded by a unique partnership among Coast Capital Savings, Envision Financial and Vancity credit unions. Programs in Vancouver are funded in part by the City of Vancouver.


Im a single mom for 4.5 yrs now, i have 2 children, 17 and 6. How do i become a member? i just recently learned about the group. My email Doreen_concepcion@yahoo.com

Hi Doreen, please contact Joann McKinlay at jmckinlay@ywcavan.org | 604 219 8952.

We'll be happy to welcome you.

Thank you, 


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